Your Guide to Fashionable Winter Loungewear

As the weather shifts to below freezing, it is even more difficult to charge your social battery which is why a lot more people look forward to nights in. And who doesn’t enjoy cozying up by the fire, ordering some takeout delivery, and throwing on a good movie? While you may be spending copious amounts of time in the comfort of your own home during winter, there is no reason not to look your best. It’s scientifically proven to lift your mood. Thankfully, looking both polished and feeling comfortable is easily in the realm of possibilities thanks to the endless supply of chic loungewear and lounge sets on the market. From matching silk pajamas to fleece sweats, there are endless choices to wrap up in. Honestly, nights spent at home have never looked better. Here’s your all-encompassing guide to fashionable winter loungewear (just don’t blame me if you never want to take these off)!

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Your Guide to Fashionable Winter Loungewear

Loungewear Sets

One of the easiest, no-brainer winter loungewear items you can invest in are matching sets. Just like everyday wear, coordinating two-pieces mean that all the guess work that goes into getting dressed vanishes. You are left with two items that are purposely made to be worn together (such as this linen set). But it gets even better than that. A loungewear set also means you have the ability to mix-and-match with other pieces in your collection for an even wider variety of looks. Win-win.

Oversized Sweaters

This next suggestion can go beyond just home attire too. In fact, I consider oversized sweaters an absolute must-have in terms of everyday winter fashion. Rather than a tight-fitting silhouette or a cropped cut, looser knits mean ample room for layering. I also tend to hand out bonus points if they are long enough to cover my bum. This longer length means I can throw an oversized sweater on with a pair of leggings and call it a day.

Pro Tip: For the ultimate cozy vibe, look for cashmere or wool / alpaca fabrications.

Knit Pants

The reason I am not covering leggings is because I assume this is a winter loungewear area you already have covered! However, I am here to emphasize the need for a quality pair of knit pants (or two – who’s counting anyway). While they have all the merits of yoga pants or sweatpants, I find that knit bottoms tend to look chicer. This is perfect for when you are trying to dress up without leaving the home!


The other week I discussed workout looks that will get you motivated and I mentioned the jumpsuit. This convenient, all-in-one piece is incredibly comfortable. Similar to the likes of a maxi dress, your entire outfit is already complete. These days, onesies are becoming increasingly popular and there are a variety of options available to shop from! For tighter fitting ones, you do have the option of wearing it out-and-about. For instance, if you have a pilates class at 10 and a coffee date at 11.


No winter loungewear look is complete without something to keep your feet warm. Of course, I am talking about slippers! Whether you opt for something faux-fur, sherpa, or knit, slippers are perfect for combating the cold (especially when it comes to rooms with hardwood and tile). If you are not the type to wear footwear at home, consider swapping slippers for a pair of thick socks which can do the job just as efficiently.


With these winter loungewear looks, you are set to hibernate in style!
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