Your 2024 Manicure Inspiration is Here

If you’ve been on the lookout for your next dose of manicure inspiration, your search ends here! After meticulously scouring Pinterest, I’ve gathered a collection of the most captivating nail designs that are set to make a significant impact in 2024. From subtle neutrals to dazzling metallics, these manicures are proving once again that your nails can be your best accessory. Whether you’re a regular at the nail salon or a DIY enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. Save this post and share it with your nail technician for your next appointment, or if you’re more of a do-it-yourself aficionado, fear not. I’ve included links to the essential tools and products, ensuring you can effortlessly recreate these coveted manicure designs in the comfort of your own home. Without further ado, your 2024 manicure inspiration starts here.

Kaye Bassey in Park City, Utah wearing a black snowsuit - 2024 manicure nail trends

Your 2024 Manicure Inspiration is Here

2024 Manicure Inspiration - velvet or cat eye nail design

Velvet & Cat Eye

Amongst all the nail designs, this might be the most difficult to replicate at home as it requires specific products to achieve the right look. However, it’s easy enough for beginners to quickly get the hang of. Velvet nails (or cat eye nails) are so incredibly mesmerizing. With each shift in light, the nails seem to shape shift into something new. You’ll need to get your hands on magnetic nail polish. After applying each coat, you will immediately grab a magnet and hold it as close to the nail as possible for about 5 – 10 seconds to get that true cat eye effect.


bow decals and bow adornments for nails and manicure

Bow Decal

The coquette movement is still going strong! Avid fans of this aesthetic are now using their manicure as an excuse to add more bows into their looks. While seasoned nail design enthusiasts may be able to create tiny bows with nail art polish, others can use the help of 3-D decals and stickers. There’s so many cute ones that you simply stick on with nail glue and you’re good to go!


rhinestones manicure nail inspiration


If you are tired of boring nails, look no further than rhinestones to help give your mani a revamp. For a subtle touch of glam, consider applying a single rhinestone to each nail either at the tip or toward the bottom of the nail bed. On the flip side, if you’re aiming for a more striking ‘wow’ factor, feel free to use as many gems as your heart desires! This can create a charming and flashy polka dot design that adds an extra dimension of chic to your nails.


224 manicure trends - jelly nails

Jelly Nails

I’m absolutely enamored with the look of jelly nails! It’s a delightful and contemporary twist on the classic solid color manicure. Achieving jelly nails at home is simple; all you need is a specific nail polish formula. Opt for pastel shades with a transparent tint for the best results. During application, have fun experimenting with the level of sheerness. One coat provides a subtle touch, while applying two or three coats will deliver a more vibrant and pronounced pop of color.


Minimal nudes and subtle neutral manicure inspiration ideas

Minimalist Nudes

For those who appreciate a minimalist approach to nail aesthetics, I strongly recommend investing in a nude polish that complements your skin tone. In 2024, neutral colors are anticipated to dominate the clean manicure trend. Instead of opting for an off-white shade, choosing a nude that harmonizes with your skin tone will impart a sleek and polished aesthetic to your nails.


Metallic manicure inspiration featuring silver and gold chrome

Heavy Metal

In conclusion, a significant trend to watch out for is the emphasis on metallics. Silver and gold, already popular in fashion, are now making a statement at your fingertips. Chrome nail polish simplifies the process, providing an effortless route to this trend. For those seeking an extra level of shine, consider investing in metallic powder for the ultimate glossy finish on your nails.


Which of these manicure styles is your favorite?
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