Winter Micro-Trends Worth the Investment

Aside from the must-have winter fashion staples such as outerwear and sweaters, I also like to keep my eye on emerging micro-trends that can work to elevate the aforementioned. These are smaller, less known trend movements that might not get as much traction as their mainstream counterparts but still manage to add maximum impact to your looks. This winter, there are lot of these covert, more exclusive looks that frankly, need more attention in the spotlight. From faux-fur headgear to cozy leg warmers, these accessories and fashion accoutrements will add a lot of unexpected style points to your wardrobe. And if you are not quite sure on how exactly to style these lesser known looks, do not fear. I include some recommendations on how I would tackle each item so they manage to seamlessly fit into my style without the bat of an eye. Without further delay, let’s dive into these winter micro-trends together.

fashion blogger kaye bassey wearing a leather blazer and leather mini skirt with platform Mary Janes - winter micro-trends

Winter Micro-Trends Worth the Investment


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Textured Hats

Stay warm in style this season with textured hats. Out of all of the winter micro-trends we are discussing today, I would say this one comes in as the most practical. Faux-fur caps and bucket hats are an A+ way to keep your head warm and snug as temperatures continue to drop. Of course, this is not new to the fashion scene. Much like all trends, faux-fur hats are a blast from the past, having had a big moment in the 90s. From neutral tones to pop shades, shop my favorite textured hat finds below.

Style Suggestion: Faux-fur bucket hat + moto jacket + white tank + trousers + platform boots



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Leg Warmers

Inspired by the ballet world, leg warmers are getting increasingly popular. So much so, that I surmise that this may even arise from winter micro-trends status to full fledged mainstream movement. Think of leg warmers as gloves for the bottom half of your body. These knit sleeves provide a little extra warmth and happen to add more dimension to your everyday outfits. From ballet flats to sherpa-lined boots, these cozy sleeves are a fun way to accessorize your daily looks.

Style suggestion: Oversized sweater + leggings + ballet flats + leg warmers



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Bug Glasses

The bigger, the better is the motto for the next of these winter micro-trends worth investing in. Bug glasses, popularized by the likes of Kim Kardashian and more, are mega sunnies that almost have the appearance of bug eyes (hence the nickname). These large and in charge accessories have a certain mesmerizing, futuristic aesthetic. Although I am typically one to stick to more timeless silhouettes here, I think the bug glasses trend is a fresh, fun way to add an unexpected element to multiple outfits.

Style suggestion: Vegan leather blazer + catsuit + platform Mary Janes + bug glasses



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This one is borrowed from the boys. Yes, ties (in the most traditional sense) are another in-demand accessory in terms of winter micro-trends. Perhaps inspired by the wave of academia dressing that was popularized earlier this year, ties are gracing the necks of all of your favorite trendy influencers. Use this accessory to enhance a plain button up shirt or layer it under a tailored blazer. The options are limitless with this in-demand, androgynous micro-trend.

Style suggestion: Oversized shirt + pleated skirt + loafers + tie



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Elbow Gloves

Last but not least, elbow gloves are shaping out to be more important than ever. These drama-inducing sleeves are meant to make people stop and stare. In fact, I am partial to incorporating elbow-length gloves as a way to add a touch of glam to my formal outfits. I can almost guarantee you will see an onslaught of this chic winter micro-trend as we move through the busy holiday season. From full-on leather gloves to romantic lace, you better add-to-cart now before it is too late!

Style suggestion: LBD + elbow gloves + heels


Which of these winter micro-trends is your current favorite? 
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