5 Winter Fashion Trends I Am Loving

Even for California, I can definitely tell that this winter is on the more mild side. Nonetheless, the nights are still colder, the holiday season is upon us, and I am definitely dressing according to the season, rather than the weather. There are so many good winter trends that I have been recently incorporating more and more into my daily outfits – some that I truly cannot get enough of. From bold and metallic to more minimal shades of brown, this year’s winter fashion moments have something for everyone to partake in. A mild start to the season also means winter cold fronts might extend a bit into spring, so better to hop on the looks now so you can maximize their wear. If you are ready to elevate your own wardrobe, may I introduce the 5 winter fashion trends I am loving.

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5 Winter Fashion Trends I am Loving

Metallic Shine

Very fitting for the holiday season, metallic shine is a fun way to amp up your everyday outfits. Anything with a shine will catch your eye and make your look stand out. This metallic treatment has been a big hit this season and has been adorning the likes of everything from outfit accompaniments like handbags all the way to statement-making outerwear. Depending on your desired result, you can incorporate a few metallic pieces into your look as accents. Or if you want to go big and bold, opt for a full-on metallic piece for your next party or event.


When in winter, it is always worth investing in outerwear that finds commonality between keeping you warm and looking good. Lucky for us this year, faux-fur continues to be a rising winter fashion trend, making it an optimal outerwear choice to add texture to your looks. Faux-fur coats can elevate your casual outfits but they are also a glam outerwear choice to layer over any formal looks too. Since my style leans heavily towards neutrals, I found myself gravitating towards black, beige, and brown furs but do not be afraid to try pop colors for a fun look too!

Shirt Dressing

I am sure we all have that classic white button up that has been in our closet for ages (if you need a new one, I got you and linked a few below). This next winter fashion trend is about taking this shirt and elevating it. The key here is the art of layering. Wear your basic white shirt underneath sweater vests, dresses, corsets, and more! The layered collar that pops out from underneath will dd some formality to whatever you happen to pair it with.

Après Ski

Much like many others, we tend to gravitate towards more cozy pieces at this time of the year. The Après ski movement is like cabin fashion but make it chic. Anything from festive fairisle sweaters, bold plaids, and most notably – puffer jackets. This type of look naturally coincides with the season and there more dramatic and voluminous this coat is, the more style points you get! So even if you do not necessarily ski or snowboard, it does not matter in the name of fashion. Shop the look below!

50 Shades of Brown

The last winter fashion trend I have been wearing consistently is the all things brown. As an avid fan of neutrals, I knew right away that this would be a look I would frequently incorporate into my wardrobe. This winter fashion trend is really easy to achieve too. All you need are rich, deep shades of chocolate, taupe, and beige in any silhouette you prefer. Everything from casual tops to dressier one-pieces are absolutely stunning in brown and flattering on any body type.


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