Winter Beauty Trends I Am Loving

The winter season has officially kicked off and with it comes harsh winds, drops in temperature, and over exposure to indoor heaters. All of these factors can be detrimental to your skin. But with the right knowledge and the right products, you can combat these brutal environmental factors to keep your skin fresh, hydrated, and supple. At the end of the day, it all comes down to proper technique and the right skin care. As a seasoned beauty junkie, I have learned plenty of best practices over the years. Thus, I am sharing my tips and tricks for winter hydration, as well as the cold weather skin care that I cannot live without. Tap into these winter beauty trends and thank yourself later.

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Winter Beauty Trends I Am Loving

Stick to Fragrance-Free Options 

As much as I adore a product with a heavenly-like scent, I have come to learn that these addictive smells can actually be counterintuitive. During the winter, your skin is extra sensitive and tender thanks to the environmental impact mentioned above. A strong fragrance can irritate and cause inflammation, which is exactly what you want to avoid at all costs. Instead, opt for fragrance-free options to avoid any unnecessary discomfort. 

My favorite fragrance-free moisturizer: Kieh’s Ultra Facial Moisturizing Cream with Squalane

Add in a Nighttime Mask 

Since your skin is more vulnerable during the wintertime, it deserves to be treated with extra precautions. In addition to my regular skin care routine, I like to add in a weekly mask for ultimate hydration. Although a no-brainer when it comes to winter beauty trends, consider this a reminder that a little care was a long way. After cleansing your face, apply a 15 minute mask to seal in hydration. 

My favorite Night Mask: Farmacy 10% Niainamide Night Mask

Supplement with Vitamin D 

Naturally, a colder climate means that you will inevitably spend more time indoors. Much like mental, seasonal depression, your skin and body can go through something similar. A reduction in vitamin D from the sun can affect your mood and even your skin. A vitamin D deficiency can lower your skins natural defenses, leading to unwanted skin deficiencies, such as rosacea. 

My favorite Vitamin D supplement: HUM Nutrition Here Comes the Sun Vitamin D Supplement

Switch to a Super Moisturizer 

My last suggestion in terms of winter beauty trends, is to reevaluate your current moisturizer. As we know, cold air can cause cracking and dryness. If you are currently using a lighter formula, it may be beneficial to switch to a heavier cream. The extra hydration will ensure your skin stays soft throughout the entire season. Power ingredients include urea and hyaluronic acid.

My favorite winter moisturizer: Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Bonus: Don’t Forget Your Lips

I leave you with this bonus piece of advice: pay attention to your lips. In addition to your skin. In case you didn’t know, the skin on your lips is extremely thin and therefore fragile. This is often why we experience more dry, chapped lips during the winter. I make it a point to always carry some sort of that moisturizer with me at all times. Additionally, it’s best practice to apply a little moisturizer right before bedtime too. 

My favorite lip care product: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


I hope these winter beauty trends help you to protect your skin! 
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