Where to Shop The Cutest Pants for Tall Girls

No matter what your body-shape is or what your height is, it can be difficult for everyone to shop clothing online. We all differ in size and shape which can make finding the perfect fit a challenge. Especially when it comes to pants. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have placed an order online only to have to regrettably return them because they did not fit me correctly. I am 5’8″, which is relatively on the tall side so I always have to take this into consideration when shopping anything from denim to trousers. For all my fellow tall gals, I wanted to pull together some of my foolproof places to shop. These retailers are usually quite generous and do an amazing job at catering to all heights. If online shopping for bottoms stresses you out, you won’t want to miss this post. Let’s delve into where to shop the cutest pants for tall girls.

Fashion blogger Kaye Bassey wearing a cut out long sleeve and distressed grey jeans - pants for tall girls

Where to Shop The Cutest Pants for Tall Girls


If you have yet to shop on ASOS yet, it can be a little overwhelming due to the sheer amount of product they carry at all times. However, make the filtering tool your best friend and you can narrow down to exactly what you are looking for. In this case, migrate over to the ‘body type’ filter and be sure to select ‘tall’ to cater the search results. Recently, I ordered this distressed pair from ASOS and I seriously cannot stop wearing them. I was so happy to find that they hugged my curves and the length manages to fall at the perfect height. They also have cargos, trousers, and leather pants for tall girls.


Another retailer that does a really good job at catering for taller statures is Madewell. In fact, they have a full range of sizes (00-16) in a tall version, making shopping really seamless for those who are 6′ and above. We also happen to be the transitional time period where we are all starting to think about the fall season ahead. Madewell is a great place to shop casual, yet cute clothing for back to school and more. For instance, I adore these vintage straight jeans which have so much style mileage and mix-and-match power.


Alternatively, Nordstrom continues to be another key place to shop pants for tall girls. I mean, to be honest, Nordstrom always pulls through for just about any fashion qualm. When on the hunt for either denim bottoms or pants, simply utilize the filter on the lefthand side of the page. Under the inseam option, you are able to narrow the results to tall (32″ or longer). The best part about shopping Nordstrom is your immediate access to all types of brands and labels.


Heralded for their chic workwear and elevated basics, J.Crew also proves to be another place to shop pants for tall girls. When browsing online, navigate to the size drop down on the left From there, you can toggle the ‘tall’ option to ensure you are shopping bottoms that will suit your height. Not only do they have a plethora of tall-friendly jeans but will also find linen pants, European-approved trousers, and more. In fact, there are so many options to choose from that you are going to wish you shopped online at J.Crew way before! Explore some of my personal favorites below.


I hope this is helpful when it comes to shopping for pants for tall girls!

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