5 Viral Wardrobe Pieces This Summer – you’ll need them!

Glassons crochet knit cut out outfit blogger


We are all so excited for Summer this year so it only makes sense to live your best #HotGirlSummer by stalking up on these 5 viral wardrobe pieces this Summer. Let’s all look super cute together, especially since last year was a doozy! Here are 5 styles that you will want to keep a look out for to spruce up your Summer wardrobe.


Here are the 5 viral wardrobe pieces. Take notes and look bomb this Summer!!


The Crochet Style

This style is such a winner for the Summer months! I really love layering- all through the year to be honest. This provides a really great way to layer your outfits without getting super, sweaty and over-heating. Especially if you live in a warmer climate. I live in SoCal so feeling really hot during the Summertime is pretty normal. I especially love wearing crochet pieces to the beach, to festivals (which aren’t really happening right now) or even as a part of my regular daily outfit. Super into this trend! To make this even cooler- you can play with colors. I wear a lot of neutrals and I love that but I enjoy wearing crochet pieces in light blues, muted greens, light pinks- colors that you can find in nature. I also love the fact that you can wear a crocket piece like this crochet belted v neck jumpsuit I have from NastyGal and layer it with a bikini over. SUPER cute!

Here are some other pieces that I am over the moon about:



The Cutout Dress

Number 2 on the list of viral wardrobe pieces- we have… the cutout dress! Okay, so to be fair- this style is absolutely stunning, classic and has everything quality that makes this super viral. It is so flirty, classy and eye-catching. I have not seen anyone who does not look good in a cute cut out style- why? because if the cut is done correctly on these dresses- it actually draws the eye to form flattering shapes for the figure. I think a really good example of this is this stunning Serita cut-out piece by Cult Gaia. Since the fabric is cut in the illusion of an hour glass shape- it tricks the eye into forming a more hourglass physique on whoever is wearing. I think this piece is so gorgeous and although it does come with a steep price tag- there are a lot of other brands that also have similar cut out styles at different price tags. To be honest, this viral trend is a winner and is bound to amp up your Summer style.



The Summer Scarf

Next up we have this viral trend that is a classic. I will say- this trend honestly has never gone away. IYKYK. Scarves are such simple classic pieces. I have always been in to them- for years really. When I was like 13- I would wear a little scarf around my neck, as a hair band or a bandana. Scarves are so cute and classy. So, I have not mentioned it much but I draw a lot of my inspiration from films- one of them is the movie By The Sea with your truly Angelina Jolie. The film did really poorly- I think haha. But I can NOT get over the well thought out aesthetics in the movie. The location, style, weather- ugh, a dream. It is probably one of my favorite films (even though it has a 34% rating on Rotten Tomato) – because I am weird like that. Anyway- this movie is the quintessential reason for wanting to wear a scarf. If you have seen it, you get what I mean and if you have not seen it, go watch it so you get what I mean (if you can get through how weirdly paced it is). There is just something about and the Summer scarf. It all makes sense. I have said all of this to say that it is very classy, summer and an excellent accessory to add some mystique and elegance.



Glassons crochet knit cut out outfit blogger
Glassons crochet knit cut out outfit blogger



Beads for Days

To be honest, this is a trend that I really love. I am into beads- have been and probably will always be into them. I used to handmake my own beaded jewelry and still can actually. I think this trend fits perfectly into the list of viral wardrobe pieces, because it brings out a youthful fun vibe. I am currently writing this post wearing a beaded necklace- she is cute. These are super fun but unless they are made with gemstones- try not to invest hundreds of dollars into them. To be fair, beads are usually made with plastic and plastic does not have much value and longevity when it comes to resale. I’m all into treating yourself- I love diamonds, pearls and gemstones and support investing in pieces and passing them down generations. But beads?! Nah boo! Do not do it to yourself. I have seen some beads go for hundreds of dollars which I think is very absurd. There are many cute Etsy stores that sell adorable styles. Or if you are interested- I can make you a custom piece (for less than hundreds of dollars) haha! Seriously though- I am really into crafting and would be down to help you out! Without further adieu- here are some beaded styles we are crushing over.



The Resort shirt

Can anything scream beach, summer and vacation any louder?! I do not think so!!! This trend is crazy cute! I especially love it with matching shorts or thrown over a bikini. Adorable and totally on trend this year, last year too and probably every other summer. This piece is super cute and timeless. I remember seeing photos of some of my fave style icons wearing them through the 90s, 70s, 60s and beyond. It is totally a well thought out low effort piece. Like- I had nothing to wear so I threw over this resort shirt that has an impeccable color palette, matches my bikini seamlessly and I am wearing gold accessories to spruce it up. I LOVE this! You can also pair them with pants to add a cool structured vibe to your look.



Out of all the 5 viral wardrobe pieces- which one are you most vibing with this Summer? Check out this post to find some fragrances to amp up your vibe.




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