Top Trends From Fashion Month: Spring 2022

Now that the Big 4 Fashion Weeks are over (collectively New York, London, Milan and Paris), we all have a clearer picture of what we can expect to see on the horizon in terms of trends. It was a breath of fresh air for both buyers and editors, as well as influencers and tastemakers since last year, almost all the shows were virtual and it makes such a difference seeing things in person. This is further evident in the clothing itself. We continue to break away from the comfort of quarantine dressing and trends are getting more avant garde and maximalist. Dare I say, even a little flashy and revealing! All exciting things to come and I wanted to share what I think some of the biggest fashion movements will be in 6 months. So without further ado, let us jump into the top trends from fashion month – the spring 2022 version.

Wearing black blazer, white wide leg denim, Dior saddle bag, white lugsole boots in a Paris park - top trends from fashion month for spring 2022
On Me: Blazer (similar), bodysuit (similar), wide leg denim, lugsole boots, Dior saddle bag, Burberry sunglasses

Top Trends From Fashion Month: Spring 2022

Extreme Cut-Outs

Cut-outs were on the rise last year and you can continue to expect them to come back with a vengeance for Spring 2022. As I mentioned, many of the top trends from fashion month were very much focused on going out clothing that celebrates confidence. Extreme cut-outs are exhibit A. Midriff bearing details, low hip cut-outs, and exposed shoulders are all the name of the game for the upcoming seasons. These unexpected flashes of skin are still tasteful with touches of tantalization.


For many years, the high-rise pant ruled the fashion kingdom but as always, we learn that fashion is indeed cyclical. The low rise pant is back with multiple sightings of this hip-slinging bottom sauntering down the runway. Most notably, the Miu Miu S22 collection featured low-rise bottoms and trousers paired with crop tops. If this low-rise combo reveals too much skin, you could always style it with alternatives such as a bodysuit. Shop some chic low-rise bottoms below to get ahead of the curve.

Bra Tops

Amongst noteworthy top trends from Fashion Month, I am getting the hint that we are revolutionizing the meaning of a shirt. There is a much larger push for bra tops in lieu of traditional shirts for Spring 2022 which honestly, will be welcomed as the temperatures get scorching hot again (especially in LA). Additionally, you can always layer a button up or a light blazer overtop to add a little more coverage.

Wearing black blazer, white wide leg denim, Dior saddle bag, white lugsole boots in a Paris park - top trends from fashion month for spring 2022

Micro Mini Skirts

Tops are not the only thing getting a size reduction- so are skirts! Super micro mini skirts were another commonality between all the different designers in each city. This is yet another Y2K inspired trend to take the fashion world by storm. These shortened skirts mean legs for days! In a multitude of different looks, these micro mini skirts were actually paired with a matching top but could also be worn on its own. So get ready to rock the micro mini skirt come springtime.

Sheer Detailing

The last of the top trends from fashion week I am most excited to try out in spring 2022 is sheer! This is not anything particularly new, but continues to get a revamp. These transparent fabrications are being reworked on anything from a button up shirt to a full-on sheer midi dress. This look is certainly not for the faint of heart but a really exciting style that is going to be ideal for fun summer nights out! Discover some sheer pieces to add to your collection now.

As you can see, there is a lot to get excited for in terms of Spring 2022 top trends from Fashion Month! Which one are you most excited for?

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