Sephora Sale Guerlain Abielle Royale Youth Watery Oil Serum Skincare


Sharing my top picks from the Sephora Sale!

Every year we look forward to the sale- to get an extra 10 to 20 percent off on items that usually do not ever go on sale. I however am not a hoarder and definitely do not appreciate a cluttered vibe- so my list is nice and tight this year but includes some of my absolute favorites to have in stock around the year.

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Guerlain Abielle Royale



Starting off with this hydrating skincare line of products by Guerlain. I am obsessed! I have been talking about it on my Instagram for a while now and it meets and exceeds all the wonderful qualities for me. I started using these towards the beginning of quarantine and to be honest, I am very grateful that I discovered these! I love using these especially in the morning and in the evening occasionally. When I go off for my work day-like everyone else, I am wearing masks all day. I feel like the glow and moisture that I achieve with these products is truly amazing. I love using this and a sunscreen and not wearing a full face of foundation. Instead, I do a light eye makeup… a subtle cat eye and mascara & I am off for the day. Fun fact: one Guerlain Abielle Royale Youth Watery Oil is sold every 26 seconds! I can totally understand why!


Sephora Collection Clean Beauty



Next up! We have Sephora’s Clean Beauty line! I love love love Sephora Collection. Why? Because the line of products are very affordable and the formulation is completely worth every penny. I am in love with the Sephora Collection Liquid Eyeliner and I am sure that I probably have over 5 of them between various handbags and my makeup vanity. This liner is so worth it. Another love is this lip gloss! It has a slight tingle when you put it on and a slight plumping effect (nothing drastic). But this Sephora Collection  Plumping Lip Gloss actually really just hits!! I get mine in the shade 1 which is a very translucent light pink. You can not see an actual color when you apply it but it makes my lips glossy, a natural pretty look & does not have a gross tacky feeling.  I am including some of my other favorites here.



Fall Fragrance Favorites



Let’s talk fragrances! I am a self-proclaimed fragrance junkie and addict. I will be the first to admit that! I have fragrances that remind me of certain times in my life and I like to keep then around in my stash so occasionally when I want a flashback to past years, I can spritz them and go on with my day. Some of the fragrances that take me back to my early teenage years include, this Green Tea one by Elizabeth Arden this apple Be Delicious one by DKNY and Versace Bright Crystal. Apart from those, as time has gone on, I have developed a love and appreciation for other fragrances. I am including some of my staples and current favorites in my collection. To be honest, I have a constant rotation of favorites and love discovering new scents but these are some that have notes that stick out to me.



Sephora Sale Guerlain Abielle Royale Youth Watery Oil Serum Skincare

Beauty Staples



These are staples that I use consistently and always re-up on and have spare ones on hand. This Luminous Silk foundation by Armani Beauty is literally the holy grail for me. I use this literally ALL THE TIME. My shade is an 8.5 and I love this because my skin has a very distinct yellow undertone which I realise not many foundation line have. This shade matches my skin perfectly and adds a nice luminous silky finish. I LOVE IT.

This FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer has very yellow undertones and I love it for that reason too. it brightens my skin perfectly. For this, a little goes a long way. Definitely will not be ditching this any time soon.

My lashes have always been quite healthy and fluffy. I still remember when I made the decision to get lash extensions… I was so sad because they made my lashes fall out and left them quite brittle and sparse. Luckily, this mascara has been a saving grace from before the lash extensions when my lashes were healthy to immediately right after and then back to health. I have loved They’re Real Mascara by Benefit for years and definitely recommend it! I literally have people asking if my lashes are indeed real- hehe!

I am not one for lip-gloss every single day. I usually tend to go for a nude matte look. But when I do wear gloss- I have my faves and this Dior Lip Glow Oil is a definite yay on my list. It feels a lot like a nourishing lip oil with a really nice glossy shine. I use the shade Rosewood. I also think this works well for a nice natural make up or even no makeup look. The color is very natural- pretty much my lips but one step up, you know?

Last but not least- this Ultra Facial Cream moisturizer by Kiehls. My daily moisturizer changes, however for the winter months- this really helps get my skin RIGHT. I think that it is soft,

What are you getting? I would love to know to make sure that I do not forget anything on my list- haha!



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