Top Performing Hydrating Skincare for the Summer

Top Performing Summer Skincare Products
On Me: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizing Cream

Honestly, the only hot girl summer that truly matters to me is a healthy glow up! This starts from within and will be able to shine to the outside for the world to see. One thing I do to ensure I am feeling confident is to get my skincare in check. Summer can actually take a large toll on your skin since we are likely to spend more time outdoors where external environmental factors, like the sun, can play a large part in the health of your skin. Beauty products are my jam and I definitely experienced a lot of trial and error to perfect my summer skincare routine. If you are also looking to achieve your hot girl healthy glow up, keep scrolling to see the top performing hydrating skincare of the summer!

Top Performing Hydrating Skincare for the Summer

Sun Protection

Firstly, sun protection needs to be worn every single day of the year, not just in the summer! Seriously, this is the singular, best thing you can do for your skin as it goes a long way in protecting you from anti-aging, wrinkles, dark spots and more. The key is to invest in a high-quality sunscreen that absorbs seamlessly into the skin and does not cast any white. I rounded up some of the best sun protection for you to shop below! 

Daily Moisturizer 

After applying a generous amount of sunscreen to my face, I always follow up with a moisturizer to complete my morning skincare routine before any makeup application. Just a few carefree hours in the sun can actually dry out your face so you want to take preventive measures before heading out. The following daily moisturizers are perfect for everyday application, without it being too thick or too weak. 


After coming home after a long summer day, there is no better feeling than washing your face! It is important to really get in there and make sure you are removing any excess dirt and sweat that accumulated throughout the day. For this, I always love to use an invigorating exfoliator. For this with more sensitive skin, I would stick to exfoliating a few times a week, rather than daily! Incorporating this will do wonders though! 

Face Masks

Additionally, a face mask application once or twice a week is a must for me! I feel like it renourishes my skin and provides that extra oomph and glow! I can attest that I am actually a face mask junkie so I have tried a lot of different products and the below are what I find myself gravitating towards every single time. 

Oil Control

Lastly, for those who tend to have an oily skin complexion, it is extra important to ensure you are removing this excess oil so you can avoid any breakouts. Since it is hot outside, sweat is more likely to accumulate so investing in a good oil controlling product is going to keep these breakouts to a bare minimum. The last thing you want is all the impurities to be sitting on your face so look into the below products to maintain oil control. 

These are the top performing, best selling skincare products of the summer. I highly suggest you incorporate one, if not all, into your daily routine. You will start to see the glow up in no time! Happy shopping!

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