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I am sure that you are all very familiar with my consistent message about “treating yourself”. This is another post dedicated to that same message- haha! Or this time around, you can treat a friend or family member- who ever you decide to gift will be thinking of you all through the holiday month of December.


Since I was little, I have always LOVED Advent calendars. There is just something spectacular about waking up each morning and retrieving your surprise. As a child, my favorite kinds were the ones that had little candy surprises (especially the chocolate) that came in different shapes of different animals. It would give me so much joy to see what treat I could have next. Similarly, now that I am years older- I get that same endless joy and bliss opening up my advent calendars. If you have never had an advent calendar, I suggest that you get one because it adds to the wonderful Holiday spirit- day after day until December 25th.


I am sharing some of my favorite advent Calendars for the year 2020! I would love to know which ones you love most <3



This one is so fancy and has these mini drawers you get to slide open day after day! It looks so luxe and has some incredible skincare in it! When I first saw it, I literally gasped at how pretty it is. Has the perfect holiday vibe without being overwhelming or tacky with so many holiday colors.






I love this one because is has so many lovely products from Face Halo to Nars to 111 Skin to The Ordinary. As far as beauty/ skincare collections goes- this one is top notch and gives so much variety from day too day.


Selfridges 2020 Beauty Advent Calendar




I recently re-discovered the importance of clean beauty and love to incorporate products that are not only good for my skin but my health as a whole overtime. I like this advent calendar because in incorporates  products from the Sephora Clean Beauty collection. This one is also smaller and therefore, can fit in smaller rooms and spaces. Also, very affordable and has a color scheme that pops!


Sephora Collection 2020 Beauty Advent Calendar




The classic holiday red and gold combo! If you want to feel the holiday spirit immediately- this gorgeous ensemble will do that for you! I love the range of skincare and beauty products. This one also comes with a discount code- very Macy’s! I like this advent calendar – it was made specifically for Macy’s. This one is also smaller and therefore, can fit in smaller rooms and spaces.

Macys 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar Created for Macys 2020





I had to include the body shop for some luscious nourishment for your winter skin. One of my top favorite hand lotions is by The Body Shop- the Hemp Hand Protector – I got introduced to this product by my boyfriend’s mother!  It is the best!!! With luscious lip balms, bath bubbles and soft shower creams this advent calendar definitely stands to be one of my favorite for head to toe skin care.


The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar Make it Real 2020





This is the ultimate “treat yourself” advent calendar! This one is on the pricier side but the product by Yves Saint Laurent have been a . I already have some skin care products that I swear by. This Advent Calendar is definitely an gorgeous investment worth getting- giving you something to look forward to morning after morning. You’re welcome! 😉



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