The Chicest Cold Weather Accessory Trends

For many of us, winter is just starting to get real with temperatures dropping lower and lower by the day. Not to rub it in but I always happy to be based in California at this time of year but my heart goes out to all those who deal with freezing temps and piles of snow. If you have been acclimated to living in a cold climate, you know just how important winter gear is. An insulated coat is, of course, one of the most obvious necessities but just as important are items like your accessories. In fact, this year, there are a lot more cold weather accessories in high demand, which makes getting dressed for winter fun, while also taking the sting away from getting dressed in such a chilly climate. In order to survive the season, piling on the additives is a must and you are going to want to jump on board for the latest and greatest hats, scarves and more. To see what all the fuss is about, keep reading to discover the chicest cold weather accessory trends to elevate your winter wardrobe.

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The Chicest Cold Weather Accessory Trends

Furry Hats

I have always been a fan of fabrications such as faux-fur and shearling because they add a lot of texture and dimension into a look. This winter, these looks are no longer privy to just outerwear. Furry hats are one of the rising cold weather accessory trends and it is not hard to see why. Not only are they extremely practical at combating the cold, but they look incredibly chic and luxe with whatever outfit you decide to pair it with. Furry hats have even donned the runway of high-end designer shows, so you know they will continue to have a leg to stand on throughout the rest of the season.

Sporty Sunglasses

All the cool girls are wearing sport-centric sunglasses this winter season. Admittedly, this one of the cold weather accessory trends that you either love or hate. Labels like Prada have been pushing this eyewear trend for awhile and it has certainly started to take off lately. It happens to pair well with the resurgence of Y2K aesthetic, as well as minimal street style, aprés chic and many other niche styles. This accessory will certainly add style points to your winter outfits. Shop sporty sunglasses to a dd to your own collection below.


This may or might not have been a trend that spurred from TikTok, as many of the trends these days have originated. Knit balaclavas are cropping up everywhere this winter. It is essentially headgear, typically worn when skiing, that is designed to only expose party of the face in order to keep the rest of the face as warm as possible. As I mentioned previously, the aprés ski chic aesthetic has been popular this winter season and the balaclava clearly goes hand-in-hand. With a lot of brands and labels getting behind this accessory, there are a ton of chic options in a variety of colorways and patterns.

Arm Warmers

Arm warmers are more of a micro movement amongst these cold weather accessory trends but I am totally here for them. They are just like long gloves but they do not encase your hands, thus keeping you warm and snug but still allowing you to easily go about your day-to-day tasks. For those in really cold climate, I am sure you want all the protection you can get, so I would definitely advise you to hop on the arm warmer trend!

Long Scarves

Obviously scarves are not anything new when it comes to cold weather accessory trends, but I thought it was worth noting that I am seeing more preferences for longer scarves. These extra long neck warmers, particularly checkered ones from Acne also had a moment on TikTok, which is a large reason as to why this accessory took off this season. I think the scarves that are oversized add a dramatic flair to your wintertime outfit, especially if it happens to be colored or patterned.

Which cold weather accessory trend is your favorite?


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