The Best Floral Perfumes of All Time

I always thought I would be a signature scent kind of gal. Someone who finds one Holy Grail fragrance that I would ultimately be known for, but there are so many lovely perfumes on the market – it is hard to choose just one! That being said, I find myself heavily leaning more towards the rose and floral scented fragrances time and time again. I just adore how delicate and feminine these types of perfumes are. I have done so many different trial-and-error tests with these floral scents and I have discovered some really amazing ones that are sweet, not too overpowering and incredibly long-lasting. If you are in the market for a new scent, discover the best floral perfumes of all time below!

The Best Floral Perfumes of All Time

Kaye Bassey in a BCBG floral maxi dress at the park

Best Floral Perfumes that are Splurge-Worthy

Portrait of a Lady  

This is certainly on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of floral perfumes within my collection, however, I can honestly say it is worth the indulgence. The rose scent is unmatchable and leaves a sweet scent trail everywhere I go. If you want to turn heads, this is the scent for you. 

Parfums de Marly Delina La Rosée 

I recently added this floral perfume to my collection and I have zero regrets! Right away, I noticed this one is a lot more refreshing and lighter than some of the others I own, making it my go-to option for when I am looking for a high-quality, everyday scent. 


This is a variation of the above scent but I find that this floral perfume is more nighttime appropriate as it is a few levels deeper and more muskier thanks to the additional top notes of bergamot and nutmeg. 

Maison Francis Kurkdijan

As the description poetically describes it, this Maison Francis Kurkdijan rose fragrance smells like the caress of rose petals at daybreak. I find that it is on the softer, almost demure side in terms of perfume, but it is incredibly long-lasting and noticeable enough for others to pay compliments when you pass by. 

Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land

We all know and love Byredo. Indeed, they carry a higher price ticket, but if you are looking for luxury – this is it. If you are seeking a floral perfume that is a bit more daring and dense, I cannot recommend this one enough. Along with the Turkish rose, the other top note is a pink pepper, giving it that unexpected, spicy twist.  

Kaye Bassey in a BCBG floral maxi dress at the park

Longest Lasting Floral Perfumes

Chanel Chance 

The Chanel Change rose perfume is my most recent repurchase! Let’s face it, there is nothing as timeless and classic as Chanel. This particular one leans more towards the flirty, playful side as it does contain hints of fruit alongside the rose. 

Miss Dior Rose N’Roses 

One would argue the Miss Dior iteration of the ethereal rose perfume is more mature than others. By this, I mean that it has a more denser, muskier fragrance. However, it is absolutely beautiful and powerful, making it a lively scent to wear day or night.

Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile

If I had to appoint one of these floral perfumes as the most elegant, by far the Rosa Nobile by Acqua di Parma takes the cake. Upon your first spritz, you will notice how intense the scent is but I find that it gradually fades to a much softer strength that is immensely sophisticated. 

Aerin Evening Rose 

This particular scent perfectly encapsulates the smell of a true rose. It is incredibly romantic and has been one of my favorite fragrances to wear this summer. Since it does stir feelings of longing and lust, I find I often wear it with equally ethereal flowy dresses.

Chloe Roses de Chloe

There is something so iconic about this Chloé bottle that always manages to instill grace and charm. The floral perfume itself is just as feminine and quite addicting! This a really lovely perfume that can be worn for any occasion. 

Kaye Bassey in a BCBG floral maxi dress at the park

Other beauty products with rose:

Floral Perfumes for a Budget

Kai Rose Perfume Oil

Looking for a travel-friendly option that is a bit different than a perfume? This Kai Rose perfume oil is small but mighty. It is an easy-to-apply rollerball infused with rose essential oils. This is really great for instances when you are out-and-about so you can quickly reapply. 

Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose

For a budget friendly, floral perfume option, I highly recommend Amazing Grace Ballet by Philosophy! This is a great fragrance when you are looking for something non-fuss that truly smells like rose with no other disturbances. 

Fresh Rose Morning

The Rose Morning fragrance by Fresh is quite literally refreshing and effortless. Just like their other iconic beauty products, the rose is by no means overpowering but just the idyllic level that is strong enough to make an entrance.

Givenchy Very Irresistible

This floral perfume is fit for the nighttime as it is very sultry and seductive! It can be a bit overpowering at first but it is one of those fragrances that slowly settles down. You will certainly receive compliments from your S.O.!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

Finally, I present the Marc Jacobs Daisy! Such a fan favorite and definitely one that I like to constantly keep within my rotation. This is a light, fun floral fragrance that does not take itself too seriously! This is another floral perfume that is great for daily use. 

Floral scented candles:


I hope this helped you on your next endeavor to find the perfect floral perfume! Let me know which rose fragrance is your go-to – I would love to check it out for myself!

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