The Best Fall Wardrobe Essentials

It is the end of October and it is finally cold here. At around 60-something degrees during the day- I am freezing because I have been spoiled by the amazing weather. It is time to bundle up and trade silk mini skirts & open toe sandals for cashmere sweaters & chic boots. I am not too upset about the weather change since this means that I can finally make use of the other half of my wardrobe that I have neglected during the Summer months. So today, I am partnering with my favorite friends at Nordstrom to bring you my favorite Fall essentials.

Of course, every season has basics that are essentials to ensure you are properly dressed without neglecting a stylish appearance. It is always fun to stay on trend and make your style as current as possible. But let’s be real… You do not necessarily want to look like a trend hopper wearing bright neon colors for 10 days in a row. Here, I shall help you out with selecting some nice fall essentials to keep you warm and can be combined with trendier pieces!




I have always loved turtlenecks. I am unsure why more people do not include them in their daily dressing. Megan Markle wears them religiously! So that just goes to show there is a strong correlation between wearing turtlenecks and looking classy- haha.


Well-Fitted Boots


There is nothing that says you are a boss than donning a pair of high-quality boots that fit perfectly and co-ordinate with your outfit effortlessly. To find the perfect pair of boots- I prefer keeping my heel height around 4inches or less (I work and walk a lot)


High Quality Coats


Nothing says “I am very well put-together” more than wearing a really nice coat. With a nice coat and fit- it really feels like I can take on the world. Not to mention, the comfort and warmth that comes along with it.


A Healthy Glow


Let’s not forget that honestly, looking and feeling the best- doesn’t always boil down to wearing the right clothing. A lot more attention must be placed on health, skin and proper nutrition. Above are some products that help enhance my fall glow.


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