The Best Carry-On Beauty Essentials for All Travels

Summer is not over yet and there is a chance you still might have some end-of-season travels on the docket. For those who are seeking to live out the glory days until the transition to fall, you might be hopping from car to train to plane. Or maybe you are planning on celebrating the end of the summer with a mini staycation at a nearby hotel. Either way, we all know how annoying it is to pack any full sized beauty products. Let’s face it, doing so is cumbersome and takes away from the precious real estate (aka luggage space). For that reason alone, I always keep a stock of my all-time favorite products in a mini version so I can be well equipped for any last minute getaway plans. But there are also many travel beauty solutions out there that might be a fit for you too. Alas, before you start packing your bags, scroll below to discover the best carry-on beauty essentials for all your travels.

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The Best Carry-On Beauty Essentials for All Travels

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Carry-On Beauty Travel Solutions

When in doubt, one can always rely on Amazon for every need. They have a variety of carry-on beauty containers and solutions for just about any product. Grab a set or two to take a small amount of your favorite cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and more so your skin care routine does not skip a beat when you are away from home. I have also heard amazing things about the brand, Cadence, which offers hexagonal containers that are magnetic for ease of storing.

Facial Wipes

For refreshing your skin when out-and-about, nothing feels better than wiping down with a moisturizing facial wipe. It feels so refreshing to remove any impurities and old makeup, giving your skin a chance to breathe when en route. If you plan on implementing a travel skin care routine with any of the products ahead, I definitely recommend you bring some wipes as part of your carry-on beauty collection.


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Sheet Masks

Traveling can actually take quite the toll on your skin. If you are hopping on a plane anytime soon, you might want to consider packing a sheet mask or two to use on the plane (no judgement here). The pressurized environment of the cabin causes much of the humidity to be drawn out, thus your skin tries to compensate by pulling moisture out. This can lead your skin feeling incredibly dry, which is the last thing you want when on vacation. To protect your moisture barrier, consider popping on a sheet mask in-flight or for when you arrive to your destination.

On-the-Go Mists

TSA states that all liquids need to be contained in 3.4 fl oz or less. If there is one skin care product I seriously cannot travel without it is facial mists. If you are too intimidated to slap a full-on sheet mask whilst on your flight, consider this alternative. This carry-on beauty essential will keep your skin hydrated and plump throughout the duration of your travels.



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Lip Balms

Last but not least, do not forget to neglect your lips! The skin on your lips is actually incredibly thin and delicate so travel can also such out the moisture. Even if I am not traveling, lip balm is always something I keep on-hand. For a little bit of color, you can opt for a moisturizer with a tint.


So next time you travel, be sure to bring along these carry-on beauty essentials!

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