The 6 Cutest Anthropologie Finds Under $100

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Voyage Passport Holder and Luggage Tag

Anthropologie Voyage Passport Holder and Luggage Tag

Love this for when the word goes back to normal again! Super cute passport holder to pruce up your travel accessories. I also love that this comes with a matching bag tag. For the longest time, I never  used a bag tag and would rely on my bright red Samsonite luggage set to help differentiate my luggage at baggage claim. The day I decided to get a bag tag was when a pretty lady had the exact same luggage set as  me! For a second, I thought that she was stealing my luggage in broad daylight. Turns out that a bag tag wouldve been really useful.




Perth Faux Shearling

Anthropologie Perth Faux Sherling


You know that I am obsessed with shearling!! Nothing like a cute little fluffy thing. I really love different textured elements to add more vibrancy to a room. This one definitely does it for me. Would be amazing to use this to store all sorts of cute objects- think magazines, books, blankets and accoutrements.  The opportunities to style this cutie are endless.


Delancey Vase

Anthropologie Delancey Vase


I have always loved a good gold or brass element. One thing I love about brass is that it is much easier to match in a room/home and does not risk the chance of being too cheap or try hard. Love this big beautiful vase and everything about it! Also, it really goes well with those pampas.



Daydream Throw Blanket

Anthropologie Daydream Throw Blanket


Cozy, neutral and textured. Love this as it fits into a room seamlessly. If you do not already have  one, I would say it is almost imperative to have a nice cozy blanket in your room. To be fair, Anthropologie is quite a master at perfecting the art of blankets that are so appealing.  There are so many different options on their site. So be sure pick out one that you love most.

Chevron Monogram Trinket Dish

Anthropologie Chevron Monogram Trinket Dish


These are so cute and you can get your initials. They make for such cute and affordable gifts. Or even just a little piece to utilize as décor to spruce up your face.


Brass Wine Rack

Anthropologie Brass Wine Rack


Everyone needs a cute wine rack. If you can not afford an entire large wine cellar (like most people) – you can opt for this cute style which fits perfectly on a counter top & is a really chic way to store these beverages. Also, to be fair… who needs wine cellar when we are stuck at home during a pandemic? But maybe that is even more of a reason to get one- haha! Either way, I need to ensure my next place has a wine cellar or the place after that.


The Garland Anthropologie

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