Try These Spring 2022 Beauty Looks

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Raise your hand if you are guilty of recreating the same makeup look every single morning? I will be the first to admit that I fall into this category. Most days, I gravitate towards the same looks with the same Holy Grail products in order to conserve time and energy. While it is good to have a signature makeup look that you can easily fall back on when you are in a hurry or lacking creativity, it is just as important to experiment! After all, that is what I love the most about the beauty industry. Makeup should be about having fun, finding inner confidence, and most importantly – feeling good. So this next year, I am pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and try different looks and products. Which brings me to today’s blog post. As we get closer and closer to the spring season, I thought what better time than now to cover what you can expect to see trending in the beauty industry the next few months. Let’s tap into these Spring 2022 beauty looks so you can get to experimenting!

spring 2022 beauty looks

Tap Into These Spring 2022 Beauty Looks

Euphoria-Inspired Eye Makeup

As we near the end of Season 2 of Euphoria, you can expect a lot of sad fans lamenting the finale. Perhaps even crying glitter tears as the show popularized. Keep the Euphoria train going strong this spring season by taking inspiration from the show and trying out your own Euphoria-inspired eye makeup. This translates to uber bold eyes with neon eyeshadows, graphic eyeliner, and of course – bling embellishments. This statement eye makeup is going to be your new favorite accessory when you have an upcoming girls night out. Amongst all of these spring 2022 beauty looks, I think this one is the most inclined to put the fun back into makeup!

Constrast Lips

We probably all saw that TikTok trend where people were doubling up their eyebrow pencils as lip liners. According to the beauty fad, you are then supposed to apply your favorite lip color overtop for instant lip-plumping action. Have you tried this out yet? If not, you still have plenty of time to hop on the trend because contrast lips are actually one of the top spring 2022 beauty trends. The darker outline creates the illusion of thicker, poutier lips which is actually super useful for photoshoots or for when you just want your everyday makeup to pop.

Statement Blush

Perhaps coinciding with more feminine aesthetics and girly styles, statement blush is another top contender in terms of spring 2022 beauty looks you should try out. It is quite a simple look to achieve too. All you need is your favorite bold pink blush to sweep on the highest parts of your cheekbones. The results? A romantic, healthy glow that looks fresh and energetic. You could even go a step further and recreate a monochromatic makeup moment by using the same blush shade to apply to your eyelids and temples too.

Glossy Finishes

I think the resurgence of Y2K fashion also had a hand in bringing back the glossy finish beauty trend. Most notably, this look will be applied to the lips in the form of lip glosses and lip shines that are reflective as it gets. This is another youthful beauty trend to play around with that hits you with a touch of nostalgia. A glossy lip is quite versatile too. It can accent a no-makeup, makeup look or it can add a touch of glam to the aforementioned Euphoria-Inspired eye makeup. To really go after the glossy finish trend, shop lip products that do not shy away from the use of glitter!

High-Shine Highlighter

With the return of warmer weather and more time spent out in the sunshine, it is no surprise that this spring 2022 beauty look comes back for yet another round. High-shine highlighters that illuminate the face will provide that not-so-subtle glow that is eponymous to the spring and summer season. When shopping for new highlighters, be sure to look for formulations that are high in glitter for maximum payout. Both powder and liquid highlighters will provide the same effect, so it is all a matter of personal preference! You can even extend the highlighter to your legs and arms for a full-body glow.


Which of these Spring 2022 beauty looks will you try?



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