First official day of Fall or “Fall Equinox”- as my sister keeps saying. Summer is officially over! If you did not have a “Hot Girl Summer”; sorry, it is too late now. We can look forward to 2021 and hope for the best. I am sharing some cozy sweat suits and loungewear. It has been one of my favorite things to wear during lockdown. It helps me feel coordinated (because I am wearing a matching set), without the fuss or having to wear proper slacks, a button up and shoes in order to pretend that we have our lives together…

If you do not already have a comfy matching set, made of quality fabric made for you to feel like you are enveloped  in a fluffy cloud of goodness… I do not know what you are doing- get one now and thank me later! Welcome to the next level of comfort!

Also, be sure to help yourself to a pristine pair or white socks. Just looking at how clean mine are makes me feel like I am on the top of my game in life and makes me super grateful for bleach, laundry detergent.

Please let me know what other  loungewear brands you are loving that have soft pillow-y fabric. I am forever on an ongoing quest for loungewear clothing comfort. I can NEVER get enough.



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