Summer Accessories to Level Up Your Outfits

Often, we make a roar for the leading clothing trends of the season but what about the unsung heroes? The items that have the power to make or break an entire look? Yes – I am talking all about accessories. From minute details to more avant grade adornments, let’s give proper credit where credit’s due. If anything, this upcoming summer season is all about being a maximalist when it comes to getting dressed up, even if it is just for a simple walk around the block. So today, I want to pay proper homage to the latest and greatest accessories to grace our presence and make a case on why you should invest in one or two of these to round out your seasonal wardrobe. So if you are ready to take a deep dive, please keep reading below to discover the on-trend accessories to level up your summer outfits.

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Summer Accessories to Level Up Your Outfits



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Crochet Bucket Hats

From swimwear to dresses, crochet is one of the top fabrications that is taking the season by storm. It naturally has a boho aesthetic that is care-free – perfect for those long days ahead. Even designers like Chloé are hopping on board. When it comes to on-trend summer accessories, crochet has been taking the shape of bucket hats more often than not. You will find a multitude in both solid neutrals, as well as rainbow colorways. This hat can go beyond your swimwear too – rock your crochet bucket hat with your more casual everyday looks for a more organic, girl-next-door vibe.



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Sporty Sunglasses

It does not matter whether you happen to partake in any sports or not – futuristic, athletic inspired sunglasses are proving to be the fashionista’s favorite this season. Celebrities and fashion influencers alike are wearing these frames to level up their causal, street style looks. Although this particular summer accessory is not entirely my style, I can still go after something similar in the form of more angled lenses, sleek silhouettes, and reflective mirroring. This sport sunglass look does also happen to pair really well with Y2K aesthetic outfits.



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Printed Headscarves

If you have a bad hair day (god forbid) but throwing your hair up into a messy bun is not cutting it, you might be a fan of this next summer accessory trend. Of course, I am talking about the headscarf. Particularly, you will see this fun adornment wrapped around the top of the head. This is a really fun way to not only hide your flyaways, but to also inject more color and pattern into your outfit! Much like the aforementioned, this item has that nostalgic touch that everyone and their mother is going crazy for these days.


Dad Hats

To channel that off-duty model aesthetic (just ask Hailey Bieber or Gigi Hadid), you are definitely going to want to invest in a few dad hats or two this summer. Your standard baseball caps have made their way around once again. Use this accessory to accompany your casual looks, beachside outfits, or even to tone down your business casual attire. In fact, it is a trust accessory to throw in your bag to combat the beaming sun.



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Waist Belts

One of the more fun summer accessory trends to emerge in 2022 is the revival of waist belts. These are basically embellished chains that are meant to wrap around the smallest part of your waist. You have probably already seen this updated jewelry trend spotted on Coachella wearers the past few weeks. Personally, I think the waist belt is a unique way to dress up a night outfit (crop top and low-waisted bottoms) or to elevate your swimwear.

Which summer accessory is your favorite?

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