Stylish and Cozy WFH Outfits

Can we agree that the one good thing that came out from the pandemic was the push for more jobs to be WFH friendly! Although my career as a digital creator is non-traditional, I am even more grateful I have the opportunity to be able to work anywhere in the world. Which brings me to my next point. If one is not going into an office on a daily basis, is it worth even getting dressed? Personally, my immediate take is yes, 100%. Although it can be hard to convince yourself to switch out of your PJs, getting a little dressed up does wonders for my motivation. But I am not saying you need to sacrifice comfort! In fact, there are plenty of pieces out there that scream productive, yet cozy. To prove my point, I put together cold weather WFH outfits that won’t disappoint. Scroll ahead to get the details. 

fashion blogger kaye bassey wearing a philosophy peanuts sweater, blazer, and trousers - cozy WFH outfits

Stylish and Cozy WFH Outfits

cozy WFH outfits - minimal button ups

A Simple Button Up

I know, I know. A button up is the last thing you might expect in terms of comfortable work from home pieces. But hear me out. A blouse in easy, lightweight fabrications is as comfortable as a pajama shirt. When you stick to fabrications such as cotton and linen, as well as oversized silhouettes, you’ll never think twice about throwing it on. It has all the merits of polished workwear sans stuffiness. Plus, it’s predicted to be one of the biggest trends in 2023. 

cozy WFH outfits - elevated knitwear

Elevated Knitwear

Whether I am in work mode or not, elevated knitwear tends to be something I always gravitate towards. Pieces such as a ribbed cardigan or a relaxed sweater vest always look polished but tend to lean on the cozy side. This makes knitwear a must in terms of building a repertoire of chic WFH outfit ideas. 

cozy WFH outfits - shackets


Just a few years ago it seems like the term ‘shacket’ evaporated out of thin air. Now, this shirt-jacket hybrid is now a permanent part of fashion and I am here for it. Personally, I love a good shacket or two. They happen to be dressy enough to sport with jeans or even trousers, but relaxed enough to throw on with your favorite black leggings. What more could you want?

cozy WFH outfits - maxi skirts

Maxi Skirts 

If anything is certain, it is the notion that maxi skirts are proving to be more popular than ever. They are taking all different shapes and forms too. From timeless slip skirts to utility cargo skirts, they are all in high demand. And it just so happens that they are comfortable too! Throwing on one of these bottoms with a minimal top make for an effortless WFH outfit worth getting behind. 

cozy WFH outfits - knit bottoms

Knit Bottoms 

Despite what websites claim, no one in their right mind wants to wear jeans while sitting at home at a desk all day! Trust me. Even if they are loose and baggy, there are far more comfortable options that still make you feel polished. AKA knit bottoms. Whether it be flared leggings or ribbed knit pants, we can all agree we would rather be wearing these than denim any day. 


Let me know what your go-to WFH outfits look like! 
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