Tips for Styling a Gown with Nova Octo

I had the pleasure of selecting and style a gown of my choosing for the Gucci Beauty event in New York city. I visited Nova Octo and I am not exaggerating when I say that I felt like a kid in candy store- I wanted to wear every single piece that I laid my hands on. Unfortunately, I have one body and really only had one event to attend that evening, but alas, I was able to make the hardest decision in the month of May 2019 and went for this gorgeous number by Elie Saab.

There were actually a few other pieces that I tried on, loved but did not fall in love with. Initially, I selected this red Herve Leger number that made me feel like a Bond Girl, somewhat like Elektra King. I felt a connection to it, but I wanted something that said a little more.

Next I tried on this Marchesa piece, which by the way, is a pretty work of art, but the black and gold- although very stunning was not doing it for me like the Citron Ruffle Tie Shoulder Gown was. You know, sometimes when you have an occassion to dress up for- you just have the urge to go all out. That is exactly what I did, with relative caution of course.

There are a few things to consider when selecting a nice evening gown. So here it it, I am sharing my top tips to select and style a gown for any occasion. How to pick the right colors- whether you want to go loud or subtle!


  1. Knowing your body type is so important as you have to start with a flattering silhouette. There are a number of different body types: Apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle and hourglass. As a general rule, think of the part of your body you would most like to highlight and pick styles that really enhance that feature. For example, with a pear shape, chances are you would like to balance out your proportions, so stick to styles that emphasize your decolletage. Styles like halter necks and plunging necklines. Based on my measurements, I am an hourglass figure, so I typically focus on styles that draw focus and cinch in at my waist. I can go into more details on styling for different body types, if you would like!
  2. Flattering colors and fabrics are a major key from going from blah to ooh la la. Just because a color is pretty on a hanger does not mean this color is what draws out the beauty in the undertones of your skin! One of the biggest mistakes people make is not wearing colors that are flattering. Speaking very generally, you need to know your undertones (warm or cool), with precision to experiement with loud colors with out looking obnoxious. Oh and for fabrics, first and foremost, pick a fabric that makes you feel amazing and comfortable. It will show, very clearly, if you chose something that feels way out of your comfort zone. Some of the best fabrics to lean towards include, silk, satin, lace and chiffon. All very feminine and in movement, will make you appear to be a floating goddess.
  3. Stretch out your budget by not looking to purchase pieces that will run you dry. It will not be that cute when you splurge thousands on an exquisite gown that you literally plan on wearing once. If this is you, then we need to have a chat about making lucrative investments! It is not a surprise that some of the most beautiful pieces run well into 5 figures. These are pieces that have choice fabrics, insane details and are stitched to perfection… and it shows. When picking an elegant piece that you want to feel and look expensive in, there are ways to cut corners to not have to splurge thousands of dollars on a piece you may wear only once. So this is where Nova Octo comes in. You find a dress like this one and you own it (for a few days). Carrie Bradshaw approves of this too. You can legitimately have your expensive Disney princess feeling without breaking the bank.

Are you a gown girl or do you prefer inevitably usually settle on a casual staple of jeans and a tshirt?

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