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A little introspective reflection on life and growth…

Styled with select H&M pieces: Summer Hat | Jewelry Lace Top | Clutch

On Sunday, I spent the day exploring this beautiful city I currently call home, Los Angeles. It’s funny to think that no matter how long you live in a place, you can always discover something new, create new memories and stumble upon a treasure you never thought lay in your own backyard. In a vibrant city like LA where things are always changing, it never feels mundane. Without change, there isn’t growth, so I always try to mirror the change that happens around me.

Over the years, I have learned to let go and enjoy the ride through life — I really think that this new mindset has manifested through my style too! I have allowed my style to evolve; not constricting it to what is deemed to be “on-trend”, and it has been very refreshing to just let myself be ME. I feel like I have arrived at a point where I no longer feel the need to wear certain things in order to fit into a particular mold. I love being fully confident and comfortable in my choices, while purely letting my passion lead the way.

It is truly an immense joy to live everyday exploring one’s self, as well as the world around you — how do you feel your personal style reflects who you are and who you’re becoming?

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