Spring 2022 Trends I am Already Looking Forward To

The fashion industry moves at such a fast pace and I cannot help but let it trickle into my own mindset. I know we are still in the thick of winter dressing but I cannot help but look forward to see what is on the horizon. As much as I love winter and all that comes with it (cozy sweaters, boots, and more), I am also just as excited to bring back lighter layers, bright colors, and billowy dresses. After all, I am someone who tends to thrive in the sunshine. By now, you might be wondering what exactly I am getting excited for since the first signs of spring are surely still a few weeks away. Micro skirts, Y2K, and the daring “naked trend” are the immediate trends that caught my eye and are included in my coverage below. Needless to say, there are quite. a few looks that I am eager to start integrating into my own style as soon as I can shed these winter layers! To prep yourself for the season ahead, read below to discover the spring 2022 trends I am already looking forward to.

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Spring 2022 Trends I am Already Looking Forward To

Micro Skirts

Skirts are getting the micro hemline treatment come springtime. This look is flirtatious and youthful, which definitely seems to be the common them amongst all of the listed Spring 2022 trends within this blog post. This miniskirt look has likely emerged from the recent incline of Y2K fashion (which we will get into later), but even top designers such as Prada and Miu Miu are jumping onboard so you know that it is likely to be a trend that sticks. However, a bra top or equally cropped shirt can be tough to pull off if you are not in with the Gen Z crowd. A more adult way to approach the miniskirt trend is to balance your proportions. Wear a miniskirt with an oversized sweater and some boots for something with a little bit more of that polished millennial twist.

Crystal Embellishments

Recently, I splurged on the coveted Mach Mach crystal bow heels (affordable alternative here) and let me tell you – I am in love. They are everything I thought they would be and more!  Which means I am elated that these will continue to be a hit in the warmer weather because I predict anything with crystal embellishments will be one of the bigger spring 2022 trends. Beyond just crystal accented footwear, this also includes embellished handbags and light-catching clothing to spice up your nighttime attire, a well as adding a bit of oomph and glamour into your everyday wear. Similarly, shop sequined adorned pieces to add to the metallic trend. 

Y2K Aesthetic

This Y2K look is EVERYWHERE right now so it only makes sense to cover it in my recap of Spring 2022 trends. With the resurgence of styles from the 2000s cropping up on TikTok and Instagram, there is no sign of this going away anytime soon so expect it to continue to expand this year. Although controversial, especially with my more millennial aged people, you have to admit this style is nothing but fun and youthful. The Y2K aesthetic in the springtime will be translated into ultra cropped tops, bright patterns, wide-leg pants, and so much more. Linking some playful Y2K pieces you can slowly integrate into your wardrobe. 


The next of the spring 2022 trends is actually a color. Bright hues are always intensified once spring returns but more specifically this year, we will see more looks revolving around orange. Just like the last trend, orange is hard to resist because it is such a fun color to wear! A vibrant orange top or even a statement handbag adds such a statement to any look so be sure to stock on orange hued pieces to prep for the spring.

Barely There

To complete my list of spring 2022 trends I am already getting excited for, I present to you the barely there look. Yes, this already had a big moment this past fall and winter with sheer dresses and cut outs galore. However, as we start to shed layers from the winter, the so called ‘naked trend’ will be back with a vengeance. People genuinely just want to dress up more and not take fashion for granted. The barely there trend pays homage to this care-free, relaxed vibe and I cannot be more excited to incorporate this into my nightlife outfit repertoire.



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