Skincare with Clarins

One of my favorite things to do is to stay healthy and treat my skin well. Throughout the winter months it is a struggle to balance hydration, a healthy glow and clear skin. It doesn’t matter how amazing your Summer routine is. In Winter, it just seems to be slightly harder! So during the cooler months of the year I need to turn on my heavy duty skin care regimen. This involves using some of my favorite trusted beauty products that I use all year round, but I also love incorporating new products – it keeps things fresh and exciting, you know?

This season, I have been very glad to include an amazing product from Clarins to by beauty regimen. Clarins recently launched the NEW Super-Quenching duo that goes beyond basic hydration, called the Hydra-Essentiel Bi-phase serum and moisturizer. I have to be honest and state that this product combo has been doing amazing things for my skin since I started using it.

The first time I used it was on a cross -country flight. As we all know, long flights feel dry and suck the moisture from our skin. So using this Clarins duo did amazing things for me- it helped retain moisture through the duration of the flight! Something that has always been hard to achieve for me, since my skin can be quite sensitive to climate changes.

If you are like me and enjoy trying out new products to add to your regimen, check out the serum and the moisturizer!

**This post has been sponsored by Clarins.


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