Sephora Sale – Highly Rated Products

Thank God it’s Friday! I had a really crazy week. I have always been a fan of retail therapy and took the opportunity to treat myself  today. I proceed to purchase the best products that I love getting from Sephora. Tried and true!

I had a few items that I added to my cart days ago and to my surprise saw that Sephora has a spring sale! Yay for surprise savings!! I decided to get a “refill” on my favorite items and added some new skin care products to try. Use the code SPRINGSAVE to save $$$ until April 27. No, this is not sponsored- I am in lock down, have nothing else to do, so I am helping you all out:)


Skin Care

Skin care has been a pretty big focus for me this year. At this  point, I have finally discovered the things that work well for my skin and things that really do not make a difference. I have been having my eyes on The Ordinary products for a while now, but for whatever reason was not too motivated to purchase it from the DECIEM website. While browsing the Sephora site, I discovered that they carry The Ordinary I jumped on the opportunity and snagged them right up! Just so you know, even without a discount this brand is super affordable.

Other skincare that I have been excited to try is this retinol! Retinol helps with reducing fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen in the skin. Do I have prominent wrinkles? No. Am I interested in maintaining youthful skin for as long as possible? Yes. So I added it to my cart! Prevention is always better that cure, am I right? Huge tip: Always ensure you are wearing sunscreen. I wear this sunscreen by Elta MD every day.



These are my favorite two foundations, currently. I am saying currently because my favorites change, however, these has remained staples for me for over a year now. For your reference, I wear the shade 8.5 in  Giorgio Armani and 390 in Fenty Beauty. My other favorite that I love to use during the summer months is Laura Mercier (5W1 Tan)– the perfect tinted moisturizer!


Now, I play the waiting game. I am unsure when my package will arrive but I will be happy to share my beauty routine in more detail. I love makeup, but I also focus heavily on skin care. I believe in taking care of the canvas, this affords me the luxury to wear less makeup and focus on dewy makeup looks. I hope that this is helpful xx

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