Seeing Red: The Hottest Color of Fall 2023

The word on the town is that red is the new pink. Come fall time (which is just a stone throw away), red will inevitably everywhere, all at once. Amongst the sea of blacks, greys, and browns that surface during this time of year, a vivid, lipstick red will be an eye-catching pop of color. Whether you want to create a transformative head-to-toe red look or would rather use this shade as an accent, the choice is yours. But you can no longer deny the cultural significance this coloration will have on us in fall. While it is bold, fire red has a timeless appeal to it that makes it a lot less intimidating than other more saturated counterparts. To ease you into the hottest color of fall 2023, I am sharing how you can start incorporating red into your everyday outfits now.

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Seeing Red: The Hottest Color of Fall 2023

Fall 2023 - red trend

Red Bottoms

One of the easiest ways to integrate a pop of red into your outfit simply start with taking style advice from Dorothy herself. A pair of chili pepper red shoes adds a touch of this fall 2023 color, without being overbearing. This is a great tactic for those who are more intimidated with the idea of wearing such a saturated hue. From a pair of red ballet flats to spice up your workwear or a pair of cherry colored heels to elevate your date night look, don’t be afraid to playing around with this coloration.


Much like the aforementioned accessory, you can also choose to incorporate fall 2023 trending colorway via a spicy handbag. This is far less of a commitment than enacting an all red outfit (but don’t worry, we’re getting there), and quite easy to style. Whether you opt to wear all black and use the red bag as the statement piece or vice versa, there are plenty of handbags to choose from.

Red Knits

Sweaters are always a must come fall time, so it only makes sense to invest in red knits, too. When it comes to more casual dressing, consider donning a bright sweater and a pair of jeans and calling it a day. Everything from minimal cardigans to chunky crewnecks are taken up a notch when adapted in this primary color.

Statement Coat

Say hello to your new favorite coat. This is for those who feel strongly about the color red for fall 2023 and are ready to go all in. Throw a cherry red wool coat over your dress or drape a red blazer over your shoulders for the ultimate power move. Regardless, the color red is breathing life into these classic, tailored pieces and I cannot get enough of it.

Little Red Dress

When it comes to formal occasions, it may be time to retire that black dress of yours. In its stead, consider swapping with a brilliant fiery red dress. In fact, I daresay that donning a little red dress is the ultimate confidence booster. And if you are willing to go further, throw in a pair of red heels and absolutely nothing that can stand in your way.


Are you excited to hear that red is the color of Fall 2023?
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