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For the longest time, I have been wanting to write this- “Sakara Life Review 2021” and share whether it is actually worth it or not. Luckily, I tried it so if you have been pondering about trying it out or if you are on the fence about it… this is your chance to take all the information I am sharing about Sakara, combine it with whatever you know and make the best decision for you! This post is not sponsored- genuine opinions only.

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I am a huge fan of meal delivery services. I can cook and enjoy doing it, but I often feel like my time is best spent doing other more productive things during the day. In general, I enjoy keeping my daily meals simple, clean and fresh. For me, the Sakara meal delivery plan is just that. Throughout the post, I will go through some more details about the plan and extra items from the Clean Boutique that I simply can not get enough of.

Sakara Mama Earth Bowl

What is Sakara?

Sakara is a fully plant-based delivery meal delivery service with so many celeb endorsements it is hard to count. People like Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah have continually raved about it in the past. For years, Sakara would come to mind, but I never got around to actually giving it a shot. I have been vegetarian, vegan, strictly paleo, plant based, Whole30- so it obvious to me that I just had to finally give Sakara a proper chance. Currently, my eating style is plant-based… lots of vegetables on the daily and I feel my absolute best eating this way.

Why Sakara?

The reason I decided to try it out is because- HEALTH! Health has been such a motivating factor for me in life. This is probably because I have a huge heap of food sensitivities- gluten, dairy, among other things – just do not quite do it for me. So once I read about Sakara and all its’ benefits, I decided to try out a week of the Sakara Total Body Reset and I was quite pleased with the results.

Sakara Total Body Reset offers a cost-effective, convenient, and easy option towards living a healthy life. The program features a wide array of organic meals and products to help you detoxify in the most natural ways and cleanse your body of all ails.

Check out next week’s menu here

Sakara Meal Program


  • Plant based goodness with ingredients you can trust
  • Delicious food! Each dish is crafted by a classically trained chef
  • Gluten-free friendly
  • Improved my digestion & made me physically feel healthier
  • Allows you to better tune into what your body wants vs what it needs
  • Feels like an experience: Packaging is gorgeous and the food itself is always Instagram-friendly


  • On the pricer side but if you find yourself paying in equivalent amount in groceries per week, it is definitely worth it

Sakara Beauty and Detox Water Drops

Clean Boutique

The great thing about Sakara is that they actually encourage snacking too. They believe if your body is hungry, you should listen to it and not be afraid to resort to a healthy snack. The Clean Boutique offers an array of snacks, supplements and teas you can have in conjunction with your Sakara meals. My personal favorites were the bars (detox, beauty and energy) as these were great for when I had to run out the door. Additionally, the beauty and detox water drops are revolutionary in terms of health. You simply add a few drops toy our water for instant hydrating, supercharged beverage. It works by adding naturally-occurring minerals that are missing from your average drinking water. These drops are also really great to add to smoothies!

Final Thoughts

Sakara does not necessarily have to be something you order every single week. Personally, I did treat it as a health cleanse for a solid week and I definitely felt this alone was life changing like the company claims it to be. Eating healthy can be really hard, especially if you live a fast paced lifestyle and are always on-the-go. Sakara is an easy solution as each meal is incredibly nutrient-rich and delivered ready-to-enjoy. No more hours spent slaving away in the kitchen!

So would I order Sakara meal delivery service again? Definitely. It really exceeded my expectations and I thought it was a great program to get my health back on track by just showing up and enjoying each meal.

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Sakara Meal Delivery

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