The Best Pretty Short Acrylic Nail Designs

As much as I adore the look of the trendy, long manicures that are seen all over Instagram, it is just not practical for my life style. Long acrylic nails can sometimes get in the way and I am alway scared they might break! So this is me making a case for short acrylic nails. I think we already removed the notion that long, fake nails are the singular standard for manicure beauty and I see a ton of people embracing their shorter tips. You can certainly get acrylic nails but have them cut down to a more moderate length and still achieve just as chic of results as you would with long nails! To further prove my point, I put together a list of some pretty short acrylic nail designs you can DIY at home or show to your favorite nail technician. Keep reading to do discover my favorite nail looks!

The Best Pretty Short Acrylic Nail Designs

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DIY Acrylic Nails

To start off, if you are really adamant on bringing the salon to the comfort of your own home, more power to you! What a great skill to adapt so you can save yourself time and money in the long-run. There are lots of different kits on Amazon that you can invest in to get all the necessary tools you need for a DIY acrylic nail manicure. Everything from the powder to the glue is included in these sets.


Abstract Nail Design: Pretty Short Acrylic Nails
Photo Via @nails_of_la

One of the more popular nail designs of 2021 was definitely the abstract nail. Minimal swirls, often incorporating a lot of negative space, were some of the hottest looks clients were asking for at every salon. It is obvious why! The chic, contemporary design added a lot of interest to the nails while also simultaneously being able to coordinate with a lot of different looks since it was so minimal.

Metallic Tips

Metallic Tips: Pretty Cute Acrylic Nail Designs
Photo via @kimkimnails

Just because you opt for a shorter length acrylic nail set, does not mean you need to miss out on all the fun. Contrary to popular belief, tipped designs look really spectacular on shorter lengths. For your next design, treat yourself to some metallic tips for a subdued glam aesthetic. This shiny French manicure is perfect if you are seeking just a touch of mani luxe!

Design Mix-and-Match

Pretty short acrylic nail idea - mix and match designs
Photo via @nail_unistella

For a quirky pretty short acrylic nail look, take notes from this eclectic manicure. Each nail contains a different design but they all work together brilliantly. This one might take some patience if you are attempting to recreate at home but the results will be totally worth it!

Color Palette

Pretty short acrylic nails - Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

If doing these extravagant designs is not really your best forte, not to worry. This next pretty short acrylic nail design requires no fancy pattern at all but still looks just as fashion-forward! Simply shop nail polish colors within the same family. As long as you have at least five, you can paint each nail a different gradient to create this color palette nail effect.

Classic Pretty Short Acrylic Nails

Classic manicure - pretty short acrylic nails
Photo via @allure

When in doubt, there is nothing wrong with sticking to the classic manicure. Some of the best pretty cute acrylic nail designs end up being the most basic but we love a good solid polish. If you are doing this at home, the most important thing is to prep your nails so you end up with a really clean result. Be sure to tidy up your cuticles and shape the acrylics so you achieve salon-quality results.


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