On-the-Go Handbag Essentials for It Girls

Raise your hand if you’re the always-prepared one in your friend group! I take pride in my knack for being over-prepared for every situation, which translates into having a well-curated list of on-the-go handbag essentials. As a fashion enthusiast, I love coordinating my bag with my outfit, but there are certain items that always make the cut, regardless of the occasion. After all, you never know when you’ll need a last-minute makeup touch-up or find yourself with a drained phone battery on a busy day. These handbag essentials are always on me at all times, ensuring I’m ready for anything that comes my way while staying stylish and put-together.

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On-the-Go Handbag Essentials for It Girls


Card Holder / Wallet

I know this might seem like a no-brainer, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. A high-quality wallet is one of those items you might not think you need, but investing in one can last you a lifetime. If you’re not inclined to splurge on designer goods, your wallet is one area where it might be worth the investment. After all, it’s something you use every day.

Makeup Bag

We’ll delve into the beauty products I carry around shortly, but first, let me introduce you to an organizational lifesaver: a travel-sized makeup bag. This handy accessory allows you to neatly store all your touch-up products in one place. It’s particularly useful when you’re using an oversized tote bag or shoulder bag, as it prevents your products from shifting around and keeps everything easily accessible.

Beauty Products

Makeup Touchups

This list of handbag essentials will vary depending on my makeup look of the day. That being said, there are a few primary products I keep within my arsenal for touchups:

Compact Mirror

For any makeup or beauty emergencies that may arise when a bathroom isn’t nearby, a handheld mirror can be a lifesaver. It saves you the hassle of scrambling around looking for a mirror, and let’s face it, using a phone screen isn’t always the easiest or most accurate option. This one from Amazon even has a built-in light!

Hand Sanitizer

Ever since covid, hand sanitizer is one of those non-negotiable handbag essentials. It’s a must for when I am out-and-about. I’ll use it once I get back into the car and right before I eat or drink anything.

Brush & Hair Accessories

Say goodbye to bad hair days by carrying your must-have tools with you. A small brush or comb is perfect for taming frizz and managing unruly hair. Additionally, I always keep a variety of hair ties and a claw clip on hand in case I want to put my hair up and out of the way.

Travel Size Perfume

As a certified fragrance junkie, I wouldn’t dare leave without a travel sized version of the perfume I am wearing that day! Doing so is an instant pick-me-up and a way to feel more refreshed, no matter where you are. You can even get a refillable perfume vial!


Power Bank

As someone who relies on my phone for work, a backup battery portable charger is essential. On busy days, I always have it on hand to charge up my phone. Plus, it’s great for peace of mind, ensuring I can always reach someone in case of an emergency.


Fit checks and TikTok vlogs wouldn’t be possible without a nifty tripod. While they do have compact ones that are easy enough to carry around, you can also consider opting for something like the Octobuddy or the Flipstik so you can prop your phone up on any surface.


Whether I am working at a cafe or going to the gym, I’ll always be prepared because I keep my AirPods in my bag at all times. Plus, there are so many cute headphone cases out there!


What are your handbag essentials?
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