My Luxury Skin Care Routine with Chanel Number 1 Beauty

If you asked me a few years back if I could imagine raveling to France with Chanel Number 1 Beauty team, I would have laughed. I seriously never would have thought an experience like this was possible and I definitely had a pinch me moment! I was lucky enough to be invited to Biarrtiz, a seaside town in the south of France and let me tell you – it was one of the most magical places I have ever traveled to. Every single crevice and corner of this town felt ethereal and I thought I was living in some cottagecore fantasy. I had so much fun learning about the process behind Chanel and my sister and I had time to film an updated beauty regimen for you guys! Let’s delve into my luxury skin care routine with Chanel Number 1 Beauty and do a little recap on my trip in France.

Skincare routine with Chanel Number 1 Beauty

My Luxury Skin Care Routine with Chanel Number 1 Beauty


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Exploring with Chanel Beauty

My few days spent in Biarritz, France ignited this passion for the farm life I never knew I needed. Everything was so quaint and fairytale-esque and I found myself romanticizing a quiet life where I would wake up and tend to a small farm (maybe, one day!). The Chanel Number 1 Beauty team took us on an explorative tour where we visited the botanical conservatory, camellia flower farm, and the Chanel open sky lab. My favorite part was seeing how dedicated Chanel is to protecting the environment – which became even more special to me after seeing a beautiful place like Biarritz in person.

The Chanel Number 1 Beauty line continues to dedicate more efforts to biodiversity, holistic beauty, and conservation. For instance, with their updated packaging, the lid on the Chanel cream is crafted out of 90% bio-based materials while the other 10% is derived from the aforementioned camellias. Others steps they have enacted for ore sustainable packaging includes using organic ink, removing the paper leaflet, and offering refillable products to cut down on single-use waste. We love to see it! 👏🏻


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Luxury Sister Skin Care Routine

My sister, Coco, was also invited on this press trip with me! We had so much fun exploring France and learning about Chanel beauty together. We have been collectively loving the Chanel Number 1 beauty line and thought what better opportunity than to film a joint routine while we were together! Explore the six products we used below.

 N°1 de Chanel Powder-To-Foam Cleanser
N°1 de Chanel Revitalizing Serum-In-Mist
N°1 de Chanel Revitalizing Serum
N°1 de Chanel Revitalizing Eye Cream
N°1 de Chanel Revitalizing Lotion
N°1 de Chanel Revitalizing Cream


Truly an unforgettable experience! Thank you to the Chanel Number 1 Beauty team for having me!

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