My “Hairitage” – 5 Self Care Tips I Learned from My Mom


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In order to stay feeling fresh and rejuvenated, I love to indulge in self-care. Now that I have been at home much more now, I am loving all the extra time that I can spend on restoring my hair with the luxurious nutrients to keep my hair healthy and beautiful.

Today, I would love for you to join me on a trip down memory lane to recall aspects of my self- care “Hairitage”, that I learned from my first inspiration, my mother. Today, I will share 5 self- care tips that she taught me:



  1. Relax, take the time to enjoy taking care of yourself

There is and always will be a lot going on in life! I was taught to try my best to not let uncontrollable events get the best of me. Especially in times like these, it is important to relax and enjoy moments that you reserve for “me time”. Whether it be taking walks in the park, reading your favorite book, or even enjoying an indulgent beauty routine.

  1. Use products that are good for you

I love to prioritize products that are beneficial for my hair goals and health in the long run! With the Pantene Nutrient Blends Miracle Moisture Boost Collection with Rose Water – I can take my time and indulge in the luxurious scent of roses, knowing that my hair will look glossy and remain healthy. The shampoo provides gentle cleansing to leave dry hair feeling soft. The conditioner hydrates hair to tame frizz and provide a nourished, silky finish and the rosewater treatment provides intense hydration, leaving even the driest and most brittle strands petal soft! My mother with her effortless sense of sophistication prioritized self-care using natural products that are good for you. She remains such a big influence for my current hair routine.



  1. Rose water has so many benefits

My mother has always been a lover of roses. Growing up in Czech Republic, we had a gorgeous garden full of rose bushes. The fragrance from the rose bushes translated to many products within her beauty routine. To this day, I have been in love with the lovely scent of a rose. Rose oils, mists and fragrances fill my skin care routine, so it only feels natural to include Rose Water into my hair care routine as well. Rose water has amazing benefits for my hair- it is restorative, moisturizing and soothing. It helps to soothe damaged hair and helps to keep hair healthy.

  1. Read the ingredients & eliminate harmful ones

I hope that in the year 2020 we are all reading the ingredients listed on the products we are using! It is particularly important to use products that are clean and safe for you. This collection is free of sulfate, mineral oil, dye and parabens! Because when you free yourself from what does not suit you, life is full of what you love!



  1. Enjoy treating yourself

No need to feel guilty for spending extra time taking care of yourself! Along with enjoying my “me-time”- I love spoiling myself. Make sure that you go the extra mile for yourself! Whether it be buying yourself a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses, taking the time to de-stress with a glorious rose-scented lather through your hair or just waking up a few minutes earlier to stretch and be grateful for the new day… in times like this, every bit of self-care counts and should be appreciated and enjoyed!


I challenge you to take an extra hour this week to indulge and explore special moments of your “Hairitage”. It is okay to turn your phone off, bask in the luxury of indulgent rose scents and focus only on yourself and self-care… I know that I did, and it feels amazing!



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What are some self-care tips that have influenced your “Hairitage”? I would love for you to share! 


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