My Foolproof Beauty Products for Breakout Emergencies

No matter who you are or what your skincare routine is, I can guarantee that almost everyone has experienced an emergency skin situation. We all know the panic of waking up with a zit that seemingly pops up from nowhere (unfortunately, always when an important event is planned too). But alas, that is life. Outside factors such as the environment, the food you eat or stress factors can have an effect on your skin when you least expect it. Which is why it pays off to be always prepared for when these situations occur. I keep an arsenal of beauty and skincare products for emergencies such as this at all times and you should too. This allows you to always be one-step ahead of your stubborn skin so the problem area doesn’t have a chance to worsen. Ahead, you will find my foolproof beauty products for any and all of your various breakout emergencies.

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My Foolproof Beauty Products for Breakout Emergencies

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Preventative Care

Well, obviously, if one can avoid using products for breakout emergencies all together, then this would be the best case scenario. I don’t know about you, but whenever I have a mysterious blemish pops up on my skin, I am constantly trying to rack my brain as to what could have caused it. Now, I am sure that you all have some knowledge of skincare best practices but it always helps to be reminded. To try and avoid unwanted pimples and blackheads, be sure you are attempting to follow the below.

  • Drinking your recommended amount of water per day
  • Religiously sticking to a skincare routine (always cleanse, never fall asleep with makeup on, etc)
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Avoiding touching your face as much as possible
  • Cleaning your makeup brushes and tools on a regular basis
  • Never pop pimples!

Everyday Skincare for Acne Prone Skin:

Spot Treatments

Okay so say you do wake up one morning with a pimple. Before launching into a panic (which could potentially make the whole situation worse), take a deep breath. After all, it is not the end of the world, especially when you have the right products for breakout emergencies already on hand. One of the best things you can do is to apply a spot treatment as soon as possible so the ingredients can start working their magic.

This Origins Super Spot Acne Treatment Gel works wonders on pimples. The formula helps to dry the area out so the blemish will dissipate. The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion can also be used as an alternative. For those who struggle with the urge to pop your pimples, definitely try out a sticker. These Peace Out patches are perfect for both day and nighttime use and protects the area from being accidentally touched.


When my skin is generally just going through a rough patch, pimples present or not, I love treating myself to a good mask. Whether I want to prep my skin for makeup or creating a spa like experience at home, 15 minutes of an amazing mask can really go a long way. The good thing is that there are lots of beauty products for breakout emergencies and acne-prone skin. If you are an avid fan of sheet masks, you cannot go wrong with this Dr. Jart Dermask which is specifically designer for those dealing with dryness, redness and blemishes. For a more traditional mask experience, this Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask deeply cleans and purifies your skin.


At the end of the day, there will always be those pesky pimples and blemishes that stubbornly won’t go away despite your best efforts. With proper treatment using the above products for breakout emergencies, they will hopefully reside quickly. But as we know, life goes on and there is no shame in covering up your problem spots with a little bit of makeup magic. A CC Cream or skin tint is a lightweight, natural way to conceal redness without that caked on feel.

I hope these products for breakout emergencies help you to be well-equipped to deal with skin flare ups in the future! Let me if there are any other products you swear by for breakouts. 
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