My Favorite High-Quality Jewelry Pieces

No matter what time of day, where I am going, or what my plans are, one thing is for sure…I am not caught dead without my jewelry on. In fact, you might have even noticed that I have a constant rotation of earrings, necklaces, and rings that I rely heavily on. The key to my jewelry obsession is ensuring that I am indeed investing in pieces that are of quality. After all, with constant use and natural wear-and-tear from daily activities such as washing your hands, cleaning, and practically anything else, you want to be sure that your jewelry is there for the long haul. Yes, this does mean that I am more inclined to invest a little more of my dollars towards jewelry that will surely stand the test of time. I threw together some of the pieces I wear on a consistent basis, as well as some other alternatives – all proven to last. Not only do the below pieces make a nice gift to treat yourself with but also thoughtful gift ideas for any of your loved ones. If you are ready, keep scrolling to reveal my favorite high-quality jewelry pieces and where to purchase them.

fashion blogger Kaye Bassey wearing her favorite high-quality jewelry and wearing Chanel makeup

My Favorite High-Quality Jewelry Pieces


As a disclaimer, I do tend to prefer gold over silver. With a warmer skin undertone, I lean towards gold as it seems to compliment me better. That being said, I will be sure to sprinkle in some silver pieces below for my cool-toned boys and gals!

Perhaps more than any of the below, it is absolutely imperative that your rings are of high-quality jewelry caliber. After all, you are constantly using your hands to perform various tasks and your rings will take a natural beating over time. I am the type of person who cannot be bothered to remove my rings every time I go to wash my hands so I am 100% willing to spend a pretty penny on pieces that will last.

In that regard, I have to give it up to my go-to place for all things splurge-worthy jewelry – Blue Nile. I wear my diamond pave ring from this brand on a consistent, daily basis and it has not let me down at any point. The diamonds are definitely more glam but in a subtle way, which is what I really appreciate in a everyday jewelry piece. Again, this is on the more expensive side but I also linked a few from Gorjana – a brand I have also had years of experience with and can attest to their quality. The more affordable price point also provides an opportunity to grab a few more trendy rings to add to your stack every now and then for a pop.

fashion blogger Kaye Bassey wearing a chunky gold necklace and brown bodysuit


These days I tend to prefer more minimal necklaces. Again, I lean towards gold chains that range from more delicate, thin lariat necklaces to singular chunky chain necklaces when I do want to make more of a statement. The latter is really effective with more basic, solid foundations such as a bodysuit or a simple t-shirt. Whereas the thinner variety has more legs to stand on. You can wear high-quality jewelry necklaces with both casual and formal outfits.

Kaye Bassey in trendy gold jewelry and a sheer black top


If you have sensitive ears, you might already be accustomed to shopping high-quality jewelry as more affordable pieces can be quite irritating. Like the aforementioned category, I also find myself gravitating towards simplistic earring designs. Polished diamond studs are absolutely amazing for those who are not really keen on changing out earrings every single day. These can easily be molded to whatever outfit or style you are going for. Likewise, gold or silver hoops are just as effective.

On the contrary, if you are looking for a pair of earrings that are more eye-catching, I highly recommend checking out Jennifer Behr. The sculptural earrings are absolutely divine! So chic and an easy way to elevate a look.


Last but not least, bracelets. Although this is not something I will opt for putting on every single day, I still like having a few within my arsenal when I want a bit more sparkle. Last year, I had a “treat yourself” day and invested in Dior bracelets. It never fails to make me feel extra special when I do decide to wear them out-and-about! However, Gorjana also has a variety of alternatives. You can invest in 2 or 3 high-quality jewelry bracelets for that signature stacked bracelet look.


What high-quality jewelry pieces do you invest in?

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