Wearing monochrome is one of the easiest ways to look super put together without expending a lot of effort or thought. If I have I have an event to attend or a last minute confirmed meeting. It is literally the worst feeling to stand in front of my wardrobe, scratching my head, figuring out what in the world I could possible put together in no time. This is where my new found passion for controlled color comes into play. I formally decided to divorce wearing all black 7 days a week recently, I had now started adding more fun colors to my look and I am loving in. In order to ease my way into it, I first started out with picking a color that I love and getting in a bunch of different pieces, like, cardigans, trousers, heels and statement blazers. Then I did that same process for a bunch of other colors and voila!

I discovered the easiest way to make it look like you spent hours getting ready when really, you pulled your outfit for the day in under 30 seconds and finished your hair and makeup in under 10 minutes (exaggeration- haha!). But any busy city girl knows that although getting ready for 3 hours sounds fun, under an hour is adequate, efficient and gives you enough time to fit in the extra minutes of Pilates at the gym.


In this slider,I have included some other flattering colors that you can chose to wear. I love to pick colors that are flattering to my skins undertone and that are also suitable for the weather and the season. Some of the tones that I gravitate towards are: powder blues, yellows and shades of red. If you are lacking inspiration, just go for a color that people always compliment you in. It would be difficult to go wrong with this route.


One of my favorite weekend activities is taking what I like to call, a “mini-vacation”. This is essentially going on a 24 or 48 hour excursion to a new city or town. Preferably one that is neighboring Los Angeles, or accessible under 4 hours on any mode of a transportation. My current favorite mini-vacations towns include, Laguna Beach, Las Vegas and Solvang. All of which provide a relaxing vibe, away from the hustle and bustle that I love in LA. Also, there are reasons and little secret destinations and activities that I love about ewach location. I am thinking of starting a mini- series highlighting tips for enjoying and planning the best mini-vacation. That would be a lovely idea!

For the meantime, I hope that you enjoy these images of my monochrome look and leave comments telling me if you love or hate wearing monochrome!

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