5 Gadgets to Make Working From Home Better


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Think you have the coolest gadgets to add some speed and grace to your work from home? Wait till you check out these 5 remarkable Amazon gadgets that will make working from home better! In the past, I have shared some other Amazon must haves under $30.

Like everyone else, I make really good use of my Amazon Prime account! To the point where I get most of my essentials overnighted. Really is perfect when staying at home has become the new normal for us all. Below are 5 gadgets from Amazon that make the WFH experience so much better!






GoDonut Device Stand

GoDonut Home Gadget


First item on this list is the Godonut! This device stand is a truly portable phone stand that allows you the flexibility of holding your device in 6 different ways! Are you sick of holding your phone while spending most your time on Zoom calls and Facetiming friends? This is seriously one of the best things to make working from home better and way less exhausting! Make Working From Home Better It is great for video calls and frees you to perform some other important hands-off activities without having to get off your device completely.



Screen Klean

ScreenKlean Home Gadget



At this point, we should all be really used to using max amounts of hand sanitizer, wiping down surfaces and keeping things very well disinfected. This is why this gadget comes up on my list- this is literally used to clean screens, specifically your mobile screen! Screen Klean provides the most efficient way to rid your mobile device screen of oil, perspiration, dirt, or any sort of grime that could hamper the clear vision of your device. Its NASA-developed carbon-based nanotech leaves your screen super clean and clear and also prevents your device from scratching or damaging while wiping it.






One of the most annoying things is to have a poor WIFI connection while trying to work from home. RangeXTD provides corner-to-corner access to the internet within your home. With RangeXTD, you don’t have to be stuck at your desk worrying about how bad the internet would get if you allowed yourself to the bathroom. You can work from anywhere and still deliver 100%. I think this device is really amazing since I used to not get really good internet (even after getting the premier package). So  this definitely helps you get tasks completed faster.



PEEPs Glass Cleaner

CarbonKlean Peeps Glass Kleaner


If there’s a solution for oily mobile screens, don’t you think there should be one for your glasses as well?

Well, there is and it’s called Peeps Glass Cleaner.

Peeps Glass Cleaner utilizes a carbon formula to help you wipe your glasses without leaving smears or fingerprints. With Peeps Glass Cleaner, your eyeglass remains clean for even longer periods. This means you get to clean your eyeglass less and, ultimately, a clear vision translates to even greater levels of daily productivity from your home office.



Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Levitating Infinity Orb


You can add some thrill and aesthetics to your workspace by coping an E.Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth speaker. Besides the key and essential duties of playing your audio with 3D Surround Sound effects, this gadget also levitates magnetically and disperses varying beautiful colors when activated. Which honestly is the coolest thing ever. Not too sure if this device has been popular before but I just found out about it and can not stop raving about how cool it actually is. This technically may not help you work faster but it is a cool gadget that will make work from home better! Because it just looks really cool!


Which gadget is your favorite? Make sure to check out this other post for featuring some other good Amazon finds!




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