Life in the Time of Quarantine

ZARA Cardigan, LACADEMIE silk top, MANGO mini-bag, H&M faux leather pants, AQUAZZURA sandals

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Let’s have a quick chat about what we are going through right now… Quarantine Life. These are some random thoughts that I am currently having…

Life has been weird, different and completely out of the ordinary. When this first started, I was actually feeling really positive & optimistic about everything. I would keep thinking, “no way things would get really bad”. Initially, there was a 2 week lock-down and of course, by the end of the two weeks, this pandemic would be “under control and life would resume as usual”. Lovely thoughts to have at the time… Unfortunately, life is nowhere close to normal and the return to regular life routines is yet to be determined. For now, we are expected to get  back to the new normal by the end of April. There are already news reports suggesting that this lock-down will extend through May… Lordy!

When this all started, I seized the opportunity to organize my existence. I downsized my wardrobe, organized all my marketing material for my corporate job in medical devices (in preparation to hit the roads and meet with doctors after the crisis ends) and of course, I started an at-home workout routine to keep accountable and not fall off of the fitness wagon. Haha- I feel like the universe totally laughed at my plans! My initial enthusiasm has completely flat-lined as I’ve adjusted to the new current normal. Now I carry through each day as I would before the quarantine… even -keel and not on a mission to do EVERYTHING in under an hour.

It has been healthy returning to a more balanced feeling and not going through each day setting crazy high goals. I think it is okay to achieve the goals on your to-do list and do extra tasks. But even healthier accepting the each day is different and now that we are all stuck at home, we do not have to push ourselves to the point of exhaustion daily. It is okay to over-achieve and it is okay to take a break and just take it all in and breathe. I do love that I have been able to take the time to connect with friends who live all over the world- it’s so amazing!!

I work in the healthcare industry, so I feel especially grateful to see what these heroes are doing to help treat patients and provide care on a daily basis. All we can all do is continue to physical distance, donate to help and keep up the positivity.

Are there any things you are all engaging in during this quarantine? Anything work related, fun or creative etc? I would love to hear from you xoxo


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