Key Makeup Hacks You Need to Know

While TikTok provides endless entertainment at my fingertips, what I love most about the app is how much I learn! Lately, I’ve discovered a plethora of amazing makeup hacks from my ‘For You Page’ that have revolutionized my beauty routine. From innovative setting techniques to solutions for long-lasting lip color, I’ve unearthed some game-changing tips and tricks. After putting these key makeup hacks to the test on more than one occasion, I’m excited to share the tips that have become essential in my routine. Hopefully, you’ll find them just as helpful! It’s time to pull out that trusty note pad so you can start taking notes.

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Key Makeup Hacks You Need to Know


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Set Under the Eyes with Spray + Powder

Amongst all of these makeup hacks, this is the one I might consider the most mind boggling – so listen up! Next time you need to set your under eye makeup, grab your most hydrating facial mist first. Sprinkle a bit of the setting powder onto a clean hand and spritz the mist into the powder. Use a powder puff and dip it into the mixture before using it to set your under eyes. You can kiss your dry, cracked under eyes goodbye!



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Dermaplaning for Better Makeup

Do you shave your face? Even if it doesn’t seem like you have a ton of hair on your face, incorporating this step into your routine every now and then makes a huge difference. All you need is a face razor which you can grab on Amazon for under $10. Add a few drops of serum (it doesn’t matter what type), and carefully use the razor to shave off any peach fuzz. Not only do I find that this helps my skincare products absorb better, but my base makeup looks incredibly flawless. Need I say more?



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Contour Hack for a Lifted Effect

If you are grabbing your contour stick and just swiping it down your cheek, you are doing it wrong. Instead, try this placement for a much more lifted effect. Take two fingers (like you are making a peace sign) and place it on the side of your face, ensuring your middle finger aligns with  eyebrow. From there, use the gap in between as your bronzer placement guide. Blend out and the result should be a much more snatched, lifted appearance!



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Use Broccoli to Create Faux-Freckles

Those who have natural freckles are blessed…but the majority of us have to fake it until we make it! This is one of the most fun TikTok makeup hacks that I had to try immediately. After securing the goods from the grocery store, simply apply your bronzer onto the broccoli before pressing this on to the area where you would like the faux-freckles to be placed. The pattern of the veggie makes for a much more natural result!



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Lip Stain for Long-Lasting Color

I am obsessed with lip products but I’ll be the first to admit that it can be bothersome to constantly have to reapply, especially on busy days. Peelable lip stain has gone viral quite a few times but it wasn’t until recently that I finally decided to test it out. I purchased the Wonderskin lip stain and I was seriously impressed with the results. Not only did it leave me with the most gorgeous color, but it really does last all day (even through meals). Highly recommend for my busy gals on-the-go!


Will you be trying out any of these makeup hacks? 💄✨
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