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I took Ritual Vitamins for 3 months – review time! You have probably seen on heard about Ritual Vitamins at this point! They are all over social media right now – they have a very distinct look because they a see-through (unlike most other vitamins) and are in the brightest shade of yellow. These vitamins are different compared to others on the market. Sharing what they claim to do for me, how I feel taking them and if it is worth taking. I took these for 3 months so I have a really good hold on what they are and how affective they have been for me. 3 Months Review on Ritual Vitamins



Filling Gaps In My Diet

In general, I eat a very healthy and balanced diet but there are times that I do not necessarily eat every single vegetables or fruits that I am supposed to eat daily. For me, the security of making sure all the gaps in my diet are filled makes me feel confident that I am taking the right steps to take care of myself. What I love about Ritual is that the scientists and nutritional experts review thousands of independent research studies, looking at dietary intake, lifestyle, and genetics, to identify which nutrient’s most were lacking Ritual was designed to help fill those gaps- which I think is really cool. Especially in an unregulated industry where not every product needs to be approved by the FDA. 3 Months Review on Ritual Vitamins



Ritual Vitamins



High Quality Nutrients

We’ve worked tirelessly to find the right partners worldwide with the ingredients. At Ritual, traceability is not just something printed  on a label. You can not only read about what vitamins are included in each product, but you can also see through the actually vitamin capsule- which is pretty amazing. The nutrient forms showcase all the information, dosages and supplier information. I think that high quality nutrient ingredients are very important especially since I took Ritual Vitamins for 3 months. It is very important for me to take it for a while in order for me to provide an accurate review. 3 Months Review on Ritual Vitamins



Ritual Vitamins


Clean! No BS

Does anyone actually enjoy colorants, fillers or additives? No? Yeah, probably not. This is the same way that I feel about anything that I am ingesting in my body. Perfect because these do not exist in Ritual vitamins. I love that the product is made up of clean ingredients and with key nutrients. 3 Months Review on Ritual Vitamins


Ritual Vitamins
Ritual Vitamins


Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability is a major area of conversation right now. So it is no surprise that I this made an impression on me. The fact that Ritual vitamins uses recycled materials. The mailers are made with recycled from newspapers and plant fibers- they even used plant-based ink. Since this product is vegan friendly… vegan algal oil is used in place of fish oil. 3 Months Review on Ritual Vitamins


Use my discount code: KAYE to get 10% off for 3 months



Ritual Vitamins



How I Feel About Taking It

takI have enjoyed adding Ritual to my morning routine. The added minty flavor makes  it enjoyable to take every morning. It is so gentle and does not upset my tummy at all. It has only nine ingredients, which their research found most women are lacking, some solid potential benefits—especially for women with any nutrient deficiency in the nine ingredients, and at 1 dollar a day it feels like a fair price.

If you’re looking for a supplement that guarantees immediate benefits (like pre-workout), this multivitamin probably isn’t for you. And if you’re crummy at cancelling subscriptions and are commitment-shy, or are bad at swallowing pills, this probably isn’t the best women’s multivitamin for you, either. 3 Months Review on Ritual Vitamins

But at the end of the day, I don’t see any major drawbacks in adding Ritual to your routine—it all depends on what exactly you’re hoping to get out of taking it.


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