How to Update Your Bedroom on a Budget

Although I have been doing my fair share of jet setting in 2022, I will be the first to admit that there really is no place like home. No matter how nice of a hotel you stay in, coming back to your own bed is wondrous in itself. That being said, I do think it is important to give your bedroom a little facelift every now and then to make it feel a little extra special and fresh. Before you start ripping everything apart, let me walk you through some tips you can enact that do not necessarily require a head-to-toe makeover.  With just a simple refresh of certain items or an investment in a little decor pick-me-up, your bedroom can feel brand new in a blink of an eye. So if you are ready for a switch, here is how to update your bedroom on a budget.

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How to Update Your Bedroom on a Budget


Update Your Bedding

One of the easiest things you can do hands down is to update your bedding. It is low effort but oh my goodness, it can completely change the aesthetic of your room. Obviously, the bed is most likely the largest piece of furniture, therefore it takes up a lot of precious square footage. Whatever you use to dress up your sleeping space most definitely has an impact on the overall vibe. For minimal chic vibes, you can never go wrong with a fluffy white duvet to almost mimic the irresistible bedding of your favorite hotel. However, bedding is almost one of the quickest ways to incorporate a pop of color into your bedroom so do not be afraid to go after a pop color or even a trendy pattern such as checkerboard if you want a more youthful, fresh energy.



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Add New Lighting

If you are feeling handy (or maybe your S.O. is) you can consider adding a new lighting fixture to update your bedroom on a budget. If you have just a standard set up in your room, you honestly might be surprised at how much of a difference this can make! For instance, a low hanging rattan light fixture is ideal for capturing that effortless, boho aesthetic. Whereas something more modern and perhaps furnished in gold is ideal for those who love a touch of glam.

On the other hand, you can also incorporate new lighting into your bedroom by shopping new table lamps to add to your bureau or your bedside table. There are so many affordable options out there but Target continually has so many chic choices – it actually might be hard to pick just one or two!


Floor Length Mirrors

if your bedroom is on the smaller side, one hack you can implement is adding a floor length mirror. An oversized mirror will help to make your bedroom appear much larger than it actually is. And who doesn’t love an opportunity for a daily mirror pic too? These days, arched mirrors are right on trend and they hit that contemporary style. However, the Holy Grail floor length mirror that everyone covets it the Anthropologie Primrose mirror which has that vintage, Rosebowl Flea Market aesthetic that is to just die for! I found a much more affordable Primrose mirror dupe at World Market for those on a strict budget.


Incorporate New Wall Decor

You can also dress up a blank wall to update your bedroom on a budget. Finding artwork or prints that match your personal style will add so much custom character to your bedroom, thus making your space feel even more homey and complete. You can even collect multiple framed art pieces or photographs to create a gallery wall effect on an empty wall.

Additionally, you could also incorporate items like shelving, textured wall hangings, and tapestries to further accent your bedroom.


Inject Greenery

My last tip is to add some greenery into your bedroom. This immediately brings more life and vibrancy into the space. You don’t even need to be a green thumb either! Nowadays, there are so many faux-plants that look like the real deal. You could even go so far as transforming your bedroom into a jungle with hanging faux-houseplants and an endless supply of potted faux-flowers. To get even more creative with your plants, you could invest in some unique, budget-friendly vases and pots.


I hope these tips help you to update your bedroom on a budget! 😊

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