How to Tap Into the 90s Minimalism Trend

Although I was all for the resurgence of Y2K fashion, I am not one to wear ultra cropped baby doll tees or rhinestone encrusted denim. However, the recent nostalgic trend that has certainly caught my attention is the revival of 90s minimalism. This wave has been around for a few months but I wanted to highlight it once again as we gear up to prep our fall 2022 wardrobe. When it comes to this style, think the likes of Kate Moss and Halle Berry back in their heyday. Although it is currently being coined as a “trend”, I honestly think some of these styles can be considered timeless, having the ability to be worn years from now and still look just as good. So if you are keen on smartening up your autumnal wardrobe with the 90s minimalism trend, consider this your ultimate shopping guide.

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How to Tap Into the 90s Minimalism Trend

90s minimalism trend - y2k inspired fashion

Strapless Cuts

The runways have spoken as well and they collectively are telling us that 90s minimalism will continue to be a hit into the fall season. One detail in particular that I am swooning over is the strapless cut. In either top or dress form, this simplistic cut represents the 90s minimalist trend to a tee. The clean, streamlined look is perfect for dressing up – even on your most casual days. Just pop on a strapless top with a pair of straight leg denim and you have yourself a polished look that can be worn to a variety of occasions.

Suit Pants

Suit pants that are both relaxed and tailored also fit the bill for those who want to go after the 90s minimalism trend. This classic bottom is a wardrobe staple and can be easily dressed up or down. Plus, suit pants make for a fun alternative to denim bottoms and a great way to switch up your fall looks. For nonchalant days, toss on a simple tank top with your favorite suit pants and for more formal events, pair your trousers with an equally tailored blazer.

Slip Dresses & Slip Skirts

For obvious reasons, it seems like the slip dress and slip skirt is something that is irresistible to changing times. This sophisticated silhouette is incredibly flattering and perfect for accenting your 90s minimalism collection. I am praising both neutral silky variations, as well as the more sheer iterations that I have been seeing crop up more and more.

Tank Tops

As mentioned earlier on the blog, tank tops are having a huge revival this season. Despite the colder temperatures, this more basic style is the ideal, minimalistic top for pairing with just about anything under the sun. When it comes to embracing the 90s minimalism trend, the ribbed tank is perfect top to wear with the aforementioned suit pants and slip skirt. I definitely recommend stocking up on at least one or two for the fall season ahead.

Sleek Maxi Hemlines

When it comes to dresses, embrace the sleek silhouette. Opt for maxi length dresses that are form fitting (but does not necessarily need to be body-con). Column style one-pieces are incredibly flattering and adhere right to the 90s minimalism trend. I am in love with this full-length strapless dress from Reformation.

Minimalistic Footwear

Of course, when it comes to 90s minimalism trend outfits, you are going to want equally impactful footwear to accommodate all of your outfits. And you probably guessed it by now but the more simple, the better. For casual days, ballet flats or Mary Jane shoes are perfect for pairing with your denim or trousers. As for your more formal days, try kitten heels or sleek pumps to accentuate your looks rather than taking away from them.


Let me know what you think of the 90s minimalism trend! 

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