How to Refresh Your Jewelry Collection

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As time goes on, I have found myself becoming more and more of a minimalist- so I feel this post on how to refresh your jewelry collection is very timely and relevant. I truly do not feel one has to hoard and hang onto pieces that aren’t being worn anyway. Of course, there are exceptions- perhaps, a piece you received from you grand parents or even a pair of statement earrings you bought years ago- no longer wear but still hold sentimental value. There are some things that you may want to hold on to for some time to come but in general, if you aren’t wearing a piece and it’s collecting dust- give it away to a home where it can find love, donate it or sell it to a local consignment store

If you are at the point where you feel you have purged pieces you do not need and are looking for ways to refresh your jewelry collection- look no further… I am here to present to you the most compelling and exquisite diamond pieces to spark new life to your jewelry collection.


How to refresh your jewelry collection in 3 simple steps:

  1. Purge/ simplify: Out with the old and in with the new. No need to hold on to clutter anymore. If you aren’t using it- it can go.
  2. Figure out your style and what you are into: This is my favorite step because you get to play around with pieces. When I try differnt styles, I love going to different stores to try on investment pieces to see how I like them on me. Or I like to buy pieces that look similar to what I want to inest in and I wear that for some time to see how I like it day in and day out.
  3. Invest in pieces you will actually wear over time: The final step- after figuring out what you are into, you can finally take the plunge and invest in pieces you have grown to love.


Here are the 4 major categories of pieces to think about when trying to make the change to refresh your jewelry collection:



I am yet to see a pretty diamond ring that I hate. Diamonds are classic pieces and they are FOREVER! Of course when enturing into this space- it requires more of an investment and that is okay! The cool thing is that you get to play around with affordable styles to hone in on what styles you like best.

Personally, I am a fan of the eternity band! Yeah, yeah, the eternity band is made mostly for weddings, but who says you can’t rock them on your own terms? Also, put a ring on your own finger sis because you should be loving yourself most and first.

Also, Summer’s all about fun anyway and there’s nothing more capivating than having a pretty ring with its brilliant diamond bezel set on solid gold gleam while you bask in the summer morning’s sun. Ahhh! Sounds like paradise!!


Here is a collection of affordable pieces (all under $25):




I love a great pair of earrings that reflect the best of both worlds- gold with diamonds or a precious gem would do!

Diamonds are amazing when rocked alone. Now imagine how magnificent they would look when combined with diamonds or precious gems. That’s right- absolute magic! It winds down in an elegant timeless dance that rings with modernity and class- and of course, the promise of becoming nothing short of a classic piece. The prongs are rich and gold, hanging from the ear posts and held tight by a delicately appealing wing nut closure.


Here is a collection of affordable pieces (all under $25):




Move with grace and let your jewelry do the talking. Most pendants come with one singular design- so it is always fun to play with different designs and more interesting looking pendants- like these pendants by Monica Rich Kosann.  A locket is a timeless, sentimental and very elegant piece. You can make it more personal by storing something that means a lot to you- like a little note to yourself, a photograph etc! This is a super cute way to have lots of fun with your jewelry collection. I am a huge fan of keeping pieces that have a very personal touch and lockets definitely deliver!


Here is a collection of affordable pieces (all under $25):




Looking for something elegant but remarkably simple? Then try out this affordable diamond accent bracelet. This diamond bracelet features a row of brilliant-cut diamonds enclosed in a gold setting- glowing magically like a wish granting machine.

Here are some alternatives if you are looking to try out different styles before making a long term investment in pieces you love. A good alternative is to look for gold plated jewelry:


Here is a collection of affordable pieces (all under $25):


Blue Nile Diamond Blogger Stackable Ring Kaye Bassey

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