Everything You Need to Host a Party for the Holidays

Personally, I genuinely love hosting parties at my home! The entire process from setting the dinner menu, to getting the home tidied and prepped, to finally entertaining guests is something I look always forward to. Now that we have entered the busiest time of the year, I am excited to amp up my hosting skills and have even more of my beloved friends and family over to share a meal and make precious memories. On the other hand, I totally get how hosting can actually be quite exhausting. The things I enjoy such as cleaning and cooking can also be incredibly anxiety inducing. However, my best advice is to keep calm and do not be afraid to ask for help as you prep away! For today’s blog post, I wanted to focus on the items you might need to grab before your dinner plans ensue. The following is everything you need to host a party for the holiday season and beyond.

Everything You Need to Host a Party for the Holidays

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Seasonal Table Linens

Styling the dining table is the foolproof way to wow your guests and make them feel special. If you wish to start from the ground up, I think one should start with the foundational table linens. Depending on your style, you could opt for something seasonal and funky – perhaps incorporating a lot of mixed prints. Or you can keep it pretty neutral and minimal (my preferred styling). Choose from a tablecloth or a table runner. From there, you can play around with different placemats and linen napkins to start putting together your ideal, picturesque dinner setting.

Centerpieces to Set the Mood

Once the linens are in place, the next thing I like to tackle is the centerpiece of the dining room table. Something really chic that your guests can gaze upon as they eat your scrumptious meal. Perhaps this is a candle holder that will simultaneously allow you to set the cozy mood. Or maybe a cute little vase to house some greenery to add some color to the table. I also love the idea of sprinkling some seasonal pieces like these gold pinecones around the table too!

Winter table setting - host a party
Photo via Pottery Barn

Chic Dinnerware

The drinks will surely be flowing at your upcoming holiday dinner party, so maybe now is the time to upgrade your drinkware. To host a party, you might need appropriate wine glasses (for affordable wine, I highly recommend Kim Crawford) or maybe even fancy cocktail glasses if you plan on getting fancy with some mixology. Of course, it goes without saying that water is essential too! I love the look of mix-and-matching drinkware too, so do not feel pressured to make sure each piece is matching. The trend drinkware of the year are definitely these ripple glasses from Ferm Living.

Serveware to Host a Party

Of course, you will need some serveware to dish up your food to your guests! I am a huge fan of charcuterie boards as an app before the main course is served. There are so many chic ones to choose from! From there, you need large bowls and platters to deliver the food from the kitchen directly to the table. Do not forget the serving utensils to pair with each dish!

Dinnerware & Flatware

Last but not least, to host a party for the holidays you are in need of dinnerware and flatware for each guest. I actually really love the simplicity of the Our Place dinnerware which you can shop as a set. If you opted for a solid linens, you could inject some pattern to your tablescape through the plates and bowls. I love this Marrakesh set which is actually melamine so it is more durable and less prone to breaks for when you have a lot of guests over. Additionally, you can update your flatware to a brushed gold or matte black for a contemporary twist.

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