Home Trend Alert: Cottagecore

I am always looking for ways to make my home base feel more inviting and cozy. Despite the copious amounts of travel I have been doing, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being home. Within the fashion world, I noticed that cottagecore continues to be one of the biggest trends. Whimsical dresses and billowy skirts continue to grace my social media feeds, solidifying that this movement is not going anywhere, anytime soon. In fact, the cottagecore movement has been making a major shift towards the home department. Quaint and cozy decor has been shaking up the more minimalistic, modern home trends that usually dominate the home market. With the carefree vibes of summertime here, now is a great time to bring the cottagecore aesthetic into your own home. Scroll ahead to shop my favorite cottage decor finds.

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Home Trend Alert: Cottagecore

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Floral Bedding

One of the prevailing themes of any cottagecore home is a large presence of romantic florals. An easy way to integrate this into your space is by switching out your sheets for something featuring this dainty print. I can personally confirm that floral bed sheets make for an instant serotonin boost in the morning. Additionally, you can even go so far as swapping your comforter or duvet for florals, too. Come fall time, switch back to a neutral or another autumnal colorway to adjust your bedding according to the seasons.


Rustic Furniture

If you are looking for an even larger home improvement project, perhaps investing in new future is in your cards. Using rustic style pieces allow you to achieve the very essence of the cottagecore aesthetic. Embracing weathered wood and handcrafted details adds warmth to any space in your home. From cabinetry to dining tables, your home will feel infinitely more cozy.


Cozy Kitchen Accessories

One of the most important rooms in the house in any cottage is the kitchen. After all, this is where the magic is made. There is nothing quite like a homemade meal to bring families and friends together. While vintage inspired appliances such as the Smeg refrigerator is the pinnacle of cottagecore, you can achieve the same effect with smaller gadgets such as a coffee maker or kettle. From there, accent your kitchen with soft linens, rustic dinnerware, and more.



The beauty of the cottagecore trend is the fact that it marries your at-home life with nature itself. Plants, florals, and other greenery are essential for embracing this aesthetic. But I know we all aren’t blessed with a green thumb. An easy way to achieve this look is with realistic fake plants to really set the mood. From there, head to your local farmer’s market for some seasonal blooms to place in vases. A beautiful bouquet is a lovely way to add some charm to every room in the home.


What are your thoughts on the cottagecore home decor trend? 🪴
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