Home Organization Hacks to Refresh Your Space

Now that we are a few weeks into the new year, do you find yourself maintaining all your new year resolutions so far? Although I do not necessarily target specifics, I definitely make it a point to map out a vision board and set goals such as incorporating more self-care practices into my routine. Additionally, one thing I always make a point to do with every transition into a new year is to get my home organized. I may do quarterly cleanups around the house but nothing beats the satisfaction of a deep clean and complete organization turnover to kick off 2022. I know it can be totally overwhelming to target the entire house so I wanted to break the process down to be as digestible as possible for all of us! There are quite a few tips and tricks to streamline the process of organizing every room, as well as some key products that will play an essential part in the process. So if you are ready to channel your inner Marie Kondo and spark joy within your own life, continue reading below for home organization hacks to refresh your space for the new year.

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Home Organization Hacks to Refresh Your Space

In the Kitchen

Pantry Organization

The kitchen can be a stress-inducing room in the home if it is not organized properly since there are so many food items and ingredients that can accumulate, making finding anything an impossible task. If your pantry needs a complete rework from the ground up, I recommend taking every single thing out and placing it on the counter. First, throw out anything that is expired to get rid of unnecessary clutter. From there, shop pantry bins and organizers and categorize each to make cooking easier in the future. Every little ingredient should have a proper home so I always recommend food storage containers and even spice jars to help you in doing so.

Cabinet Home Organization Hacks

An area in the kitchen that can easily get jumbled up is any drawer or cabinet. The first thing that comes to mind is the utensil drawer because without proper organization tools, everything inside can shift around over time. First things first, highly recommend you invest in a good utensil organizer so you can keep cutlery, spatulas, and knives in order. Personally, I love the cozy look that bamboo organizers give off, but metal or elevated plastic is just as effective. The other cabinet home organization hacks I suggest are investing in cookware and lid storage! This expandable rack from Amazon holds up to 10 pans and lids. 

In the Closet

Hanging & Folded Clothes

One of the most important spaces that I enforce organization is within my closet. After all, fashion is obviously an integral part of my life so it behooves me to ensure everything is in order to make getting dressed every day as effortless as possible. Starting with the basics, one the best home organization hacks I can provide in this realm is to use non-slip hangers!! Amazon has an incredible deal of 50 black velvet hangers for only $24.99 – you cannot beat it! Additionally, there are further hanging and shelving units you can place in your wardrobe to maximize your space.

As for the folded clothing items you might store in your dresser, you bet there are organizers just for this too. One of the key ones being something to organize your items like socks and underwear. This system is easy on the eyes and saves you time rather than rummaging through all your belongings when you need to find something.

In the Bathroom

Under the Sink

If not organizer properly, under the sink can quickly become decluttered. Surprise, surprise – my home organization hacks in the bathroom inevitably leave to investing in a proper storage solution! This 2-tier shelf is perfect for tucking away your cleaning products so they are out of sight and out of mind. I recommend doubling down and ordering a few for all the bathrooms, as well as under the kitchen sink. When it comes to beauty and haircare products that I am currently not using on a daily basis, these acrylic bins are easy to slide under the sink area as well.

Home Organization Hacks for the Vanity

As far as your bathroom counter or on your vanity, you are obviously going to want your storage solutions to be a bit more aesthetic since your items will be more predominately displayed. Again, the acrylic bins are pretty minimal and will match with any style of decor. I even saw an eyeshadow palette holder that aI thought was so innovative. I also found this nifty wooden hair too organizer where you can hold your blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron all in one space.

So that’s it! I hope that these home organization hacks and tools help you to revamp your space for the new year. Which area are you most excited to organize?


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