Hair Protection Tips for Cooler Months

Even in LA, the temperatures are gradually starting to decrease. Ever so slightly, but even so, this is a subtle reminder that cooler days are ahead and we need to act accordingly! Lower temps mean that special care should be provided to your beloved hair because this harsher climate can actually do a lot of damage if you are not careful. Additionally, even if you live somewhere where you are not subjected to a cold winter season, the following hair care tips will benefit you regardless so it is worth sticking around to give it a read! After all, I am sure we all share the common goal of achieving healthy, luscious locks. Let’s jump into my best kept hair protection tips for cooler months ahead! 

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Hair Protection Tips for Cooler Months

Switch to Chemical-Free Shampoos

One of the biggest aggressors you can do to your hair is to use a shampoo ridden with chemicals. Just as you would be more cognizant of what you put into your body, you should also be just as aware of what you put onto it. The two biggest culprits are sulfates and parabens so be sure to avoid these if you can. After all, the less chemicals you expose to your hair, the healthier it can become!

Wash Less Frequently

If you do not already limit the amount of times you subject your hair to washes, then please let this be your sign to do so! Washing less frequently will help you to ensure your hair does not dry out, which is especially important in the fall and winter times. That being said, adjust according to your type of hair. Those with more oily natural hair might need to wash every other day to keep hair fresh and clean. 

Condition Correctly 

No matter what time of year, following up with a good conditioner after shampooing is a must but this holds even more true when it is colder outside. Obviously, the purpose of conditioner is to rehydrate your precious locks, but it also protects your hair from external factors like the environment. Be sure to concentrate the product on the ends of your hair and make sure it is thoroughly rinsed off after every use.  

Wearing Burberry sunglasses, Jennifer Behr Colette earrings, Stone & Strand diamond orb ring, Nordstrom Stretch organic cotton rib tank with long, effortlessly wavy hair (hair protection tips)

Ensure Your Hair is Dry Before Heading Out

One of the key hair protection tips is to ensure your hair is completely dry before you venture outside. Your follicles are a lot more vulnerable when wet and could potentially freeze up if the temperatures are low enough. This could definitely do some damage to your hair, including promoting easier breakage. So make sure your hair is dry from root to end!

Use a Hair Mask Once a Week

In addition to using a high-quality conditioner, consider using a hair mask at least once a week during the colder season. This is one of my favorite hair protection tips because it is genuinely something I look forward to each time! A really good mask will leave your hair feeling silky smooth and it further protects your hair from drying out at this time of year. 

Use an Old T-Shirt To Dry

The next is one of the more random hair protection tips but it really makes a big difference in the long-run! When drying your hair after the shower, consider swapping your generic towel for an old t-shirt. A traditional cotton towel can actually be pretty abrasive and could potentially damage your hair overtime. Similarly, consider switching to silk pillowcases

Style Without Heat

If you really want to see a significant difference in the health of your hair, not only should you incorporate the above hair protection tips, but you should also limit the amount of heat styling you do. The curling iron, straightener and blow dryer applies a lot of intense, focused heat on your hair which can obviously be very damaging. Consider trying out the heatless TikTok curls



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Drink Water

Last but certainly not the least of the hair protection tips – drink water!! I cannot stress the importance of this enough. If your hair does not motivate you, at least drink your daily dose of water to better your skin and overall health. If you want to have hydrated hair, you need to do your own part and provide that hydration to your body. To boost your water intake, I love this self-cleaning water bottle from Amazon. Cheers! 

I hope these hair protection tips will not only assist you in the fall and winter but throughout all the seasons! The above are really important for growing healthy, resilient hair. Drop any additional hair protection tips in the comments below! 

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