Winter is coming and that means that the air feels drier, which in turn makes my skin feel dry all over. To battle the winter’s dry air, I like to keep my lips feeling soothed throughout these coming months. There are so many different lip balms on the market but I love this one by Vaseline. It does the job and is really affordable.



With both the holiday and the official start to winter months around the corner – chapped lips and the last-minute search for stocking stuffers is almost inevitable. Luckily, Vaseline has the solution for both! Vaseline has an unmatched soothing power, is super affordable—so you can stock up on some sticks and stick them in handbags you use frequently or even in different rooms of your home and you never have to worry about not having them on hand. I love to have a lip balm by me all day because having dry feeling lips is one of my biggest pet peeves.

You can find the Vaseline Lip Therapy sticks at your local Dollar Tree. The ingredients within the Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter sticks are moisturizing and lead to smoother and more nourished lips—which you can find at Dollar Tree.



If you are needing some tips of ways to gift Vaseline Lip Therapy sticks this season- you can either use them as stocking stuffers, as a secret Santa or White Elephant gift. With the online holiday ornament templates, you can even make fun Do It Yourself (DIY) holiday ornaments to hang on your tree (feel free to share the link to gift it to someone or even use the print outs as gift tags. I am sharing the link to download HERE – so you can print out your own DIY ornament templates. You can cut them out and use them on your tree! I find that this is a fun little holiday activity to do since we are all mostly spending a lot of time at home this holiday season.


Have you tried the Vaseline Lip Therapy sticks before- which is your favorite flavor? The Cocoa Butter, Original, Aloe Vera or the Rosy Lips?

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