Girl Therapy: How to Reset for the New Year

As the year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past 12 months and eagerly anticipating the next 12. I have always romanticized the start of the new year and the powerful sense of renewal and possibility that comes with it. Prioritizing mental health has consistently been a focus of mine, and the transition to a new year provides an opportune moment for a mental reset. On TikTok, they playfully refer to it as “girl therapy,” a fun, silly name for a practice I consider truly essential. If you are looking to start 2024 with a strong foundation, I have a few annual rituals that I like to incorporate into my January routine. From journaling to working on mental clarity, these end of the year exercises are truly girl therapy at its best.

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Girl Therapy: How to Reset for the New Year

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At one point or another, we probably have all set out to journal. But what does this broad term even mean? I’ll be the first to admit that I have taken up this practice, only to break the habit after a few days time. mainly because I approached it without the right mindset. Journaling holds incredible healing potential for everyone. Whether you choose daily or weekly entries, it serves as a powerful tool for living life with heightened awareness. For those new to journaling, I strongly recommend starting with a journal that provides prompts. The Five Minute Journal is a best seller for a reason. Inside, it includes daily affirmations and prompts such as “what you’re grateful for”.

Set Measurable Resolutions

For those who enjoy setting New Year’s resolutions, my encouragement is to be realistic. I find that goals lacking specificity or substance are the ones most prone to neglect. For instance, if your aspiration is to improve your fitness in 2024, it’s crucial to establish a concrete plan. Define the frequency of gym visits, set a target for group fitness classes, and so on. When you have measurable and well-defined goals, you significantly increase the likelihood of staying committed to your resolutions.

Stick to a Skincare Routine that Works

I firmly believe that your beauty regimen is a significant aspect of self-love. In the spirit of embracing self-care, I encourage you to make a commitment to maintain a skincare routine that suits you. Regardless of how busy life gets, grant yourself the grace to dedicate a small amount of time each morning and night to your complete beauty routine. Your skin will undoubtedly appreciate the care, and as the days progress, you’ll find yourself feeling pampered and increasingly confident.

Clean Your Space, Clear Your Mind

Since the start of the new year is symbolic, take this opportunity to clean your space. Set aside a day or two to perform a deep clean. This means dusting every surface, organizing the closet, and throwing away expired pantry items. Although it can be hard work, a clean, clutter-free living space will lift your spirits and clear your headspace. From there, make it a point to routinely tidy up so you can keep the good vibes going all throughout 2024.

Swap to Healthy Alternatives

Finally, take a closer look at your vices. We all have our weaknesses, and recognizing them is a significant stride in the right direction. No vice is too insignificant. If, for instance, you have a coffee addiction, consider setting a goal to transition to matcha or tea. Begin with small steps, like swapping your cup of coffee every other day. As you cultivate this healthier habit, you may find that over time, you won’t need to rely on coffee at all!

What are you doing for girl therapy in the new year? ✨
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