Special Moments from AM to PM

created in partnership with Stitch Fix

It has become more apparent that I am consistently on the go. For me that means ensuring that my life is a perfect balancing act- whether it be spending time working, hanging out with my friends or relaxing with my family. There is barely adequate downtime for me- therefore, I have turned to online shopping, more and more. Also, any other method to help streamline the process of selecting pieces for special events and moments.

I was very happy to work with a Stitch Fix stylist to help pick out perfect outfits for me. After taking the Stitch Fix quiz and selecting outfits that matched my style best, I was so happy to receive the pieces that I did! Out of all 5 items that I received, I loved each of them and decided to keep them all. It turns out that they all work as perfect pieces to mix and match with the other clothing in my wardrobe.

For my daytime look, I ended up wearing it to Malibu where I hung out with my boyfriend and enjoyed my time at a cafe. My nighttime look was worn for an evening out in Downtown LA. It was really nice to have Stitch Fix take me from day to night- feeling and looking amazing. Now those special moments stand out even more because I had the right outfit to match! I have known about Stitch Fix for a while, so it was really nice to work with a stylist once again and have her pick out the perfect pieces for me.

There are several things that I love about Stitch Fix and I will just highlight my top 3 reasons for you:

1.       Accessibility & Ease of Use: I cannot emphasize this point enough. All I had to do is take a quiz about clothing. This quiz is really a win-win. If you dislike shopping, the quiz is really short and if you love shopping (like me), you get to view images of clothing and build an example of your dream wardrobe. Then your stylist swoops in, picks pieces and ships over to you! All of this happens from the comfort of your own home. I definitely made my selection on my sofa while I was in my pajamas.

2.       Unique Pieces: I love the fact that the pieces are unique. The outfits that I received were picked out by my stylist but seamlessly transitioned from day to night. Now imagine your stylist picks out a month supply of Stitch Fix pieces and you get to wear something unique and interesting all the time. I do not know about you, but my clothing really helps to reflect my mood. So when I look amazing, I feel amazing.

3.       Receiving Gifts from Yourself: If you are not aware yet, I am big on gifting myself anything and everything, as often as my heart desires. I love to spoil myself! You can too- here is $25 of complimentary Stitchfix credit, just click the link and order your monthly treats. Join me to enjoy your personalized box of surprises every month. I want to see what you received too, so send me pictures of your looks or hashtag #KayeLovesStyle


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