Favorite Hair Accessories – Under $25

I would love to share my current favorite hair accessories with you. I have been so obsessed with hair bauble, so here are a few affordable options to spruce up your hair styles!


I love this pearl barrette set… and I love barrettes! I always have. So I am seriously so happy that these have come back in style. I know that they have been around for a while but typically, you would only see them worn on girls in elementary and middle school. I think that women should also feel free to style their hair and use sophisticated style clips. These pearl ones are perfect for that! They pair nicely with trousers and casual tops, as well as, sophisticated tops. Click here in order to check out these cuties and add more embellishments to your chic hair styles.



Hairbands or headbands, whatever you may call them. These are super adorable and I instantly feel the need to wear a chic skirt or tailored pants once I wear these. I instantly get a lot of compliments… not surprising though. I love wearing my headbands when I wear more monochromatic looks, because these add something interesting and adds instant class- but in a fun way.


Marc Jacobs Bag 
ASOS Pants
ASOS Shoes
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