Fan Favorite Winter Micro-Trends

In a previous post, I covered some of my favorite winter trends that I have been favoring. Now that a few weeks have passed, those trends I had mentioned were definitely some of the most covetable looks but there were a few smaller trends that uncovered themselves. Although maybe not as full blown as the others, they are certainly making an impression on fashion tastemakers – so much so that I thought it would be worth sharing as we continue to trek through the cold weather season. Some of these will help you round out your cold weather collection until we reach the spring season ahead, while others could actually help you to transition your wardrobe as we eventually switch gears into warmer temps. So without further ado, let’s jump into fan favorite winter micro-trends that are worth investing in now.

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Fan Favorite Winter Micro-Trends

Fuzzy Headwear

There is a new way to keep yourself warm this winter and it takes the form of extra fuzzy headwear. Although traditional cold weather headgear like beanies are equally as popular these days, the heavily textured variety is a lot more unique and fresh for 2022, making it one of the notable winter micro-trends to be aware of. In particular, we have been seeing a lot of trendsetters topping their outfits off with faux-fur bucket hats and shearling caps in both neutrals, as well as pop colors and bold patterns. A neutral style is an easy way to add texture to your look, while something more colorful will provide that effortless street style aesthetic.


Personally, I have been loving the shrug trend (also known as a bolero). If you are not sure what it is, the shrug is basically a set of detachable sleeves that either is connected at the front or open (think a very tiny cropped cardigan). It is definitely a modular piece that can be added and subtracted to an outfit quite effortlessly. They can either serve a semi-functional piece or something more akin to a decorative purpose too as I recently wore a sheer version that just added some further dimension and interest to my otherwise plain top.  I think this is a really fun, unique piece to play around with! Plus, it will be great as we transition from winter to spring.

Elbow-Length Gloves

The next of the winter micro-trends is a dramatic accessory that is sure to serve major looks. The elbow-length gloves had a huge moment around the holiday season as they were a way to add that extra oomph and glam to your look. However, this hand-warming accessory proved to live on past NYE as it continues to be popular micro-trend. Elbow-length gloves have that old Hollywood/Bridgerton-esque vibe that makes getting dressed for special occasions 10x more fun. However, for those who love to dress up their daily looks, feel free to wear with more casual outfits too.

Puffer Vests

Quilted outerwear was bigger than ever this year as it is a more casual cold weather jacket that styles well with a lot of different outfits. In terms of winter micro-trends, I wanted to highlight the puffer vest because I have been seeing it resurface more and more these days! It is a great casual piece that you can add to your workout outfit, casual denim look, and more. This is also going to be another key outerwear piece as we transition seasons and switch gears from cold temperatures to slightly warmer weather.

Which winter micro-trend is your favorite?



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